Friday, 2 November 2012

Testing times......

This morning I had an MOT test booked for Fiona's Kawasaki (MOT = annual roadworthy test in the UK) I checked it out this week and all was well. Now I've said it before, the ride to the MOT station for me is quite nerve wrecking, I'm hyper sensitive to the bike and the feedback from it, today I convinced myself that the head bearings weren't 100% or was it the wet, greasy pot holed roads that was fooling me? To me an MOT is like being summoned to the headmasters study for wrongdoing, (I've had plenty experience of that!) You arrive almost apologetic, wondering what the outcome of the meeting will be. The mechanic (who is a first class guy) takes your bike away (its the same as the school secretary taking your details and telling you to wait) You wait, reading pointless news in pointless newspapers left on the table, the wait seems endless (although I did grab myself an egg roll and cuppa from the burger van outside, something I couldn't do at school)  finally Mike the service guy says "Gino, that's your bike ready, it passed, couple of advisories  to look at" YES!!, inwardly relieved I'm not getting thrashed with the metaphorical belt (which was the punishment when I was a lad, talk to the kids now about abuse, we were thrashed mercilessly by sadistic teachers for such heinous crimes as laughing at the wrong time or worse for daring to have an opinion which differed from the teachers)
The head bearings are a little notchy, so I was right, not bad enough to notice normally though, on the road home the bike felt great, obviously my hyper sensitive brain had switched off and I was back to dumb mode!
I don't know why I'm like this, when my car is done I drop it off, say fix it and MOT it and don't worry about it, I suppose the bike is such a personal thing and thats what makes it stressful for me, a failure is a failure of my ability, an example of laziness to prepare properly and very personal, or maybe I'm just weird? 
Oh well a year of no MOT stress will be a welcome relief, only thing is ALL the bikes will need tested when I come back, oh no, that visit to the headmaster might be painful!!     

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