Sunday, 26 April 2020

Still in Lockdown but.....

Hopefully we are over the worst, are we? who knows but going on like this isn't an option, hopefully I'll look back on this blog in future and say "remember that" not to dwell on the gloomy side I was looking back at some pictures, this time I've selected our Sicily trip in June and July 2016, sunny most of the way, something to remember and hope for in future, sunny days when once again we can travel continents unimpeded by disease. Keep the faith and stay safe.
A stop at the Ace cafe
Pass into Italy
a meet up with Ian and Lorraine in Lake Garda
Fuel stop
Ferry time
so nice, the weather, the architecture and the wine
Hot hot hot
Must drink water
Ferry from Palermo
Bulgarian truck drivers help with my bike problems
Belgian campsite
Wine at the end of the day
Waiting for the boat home

Thursday, 16 April 2020

Lockdown, some way to go

It appears we might have a few more weeks yet before we can get back to an even minor form of normality, some Covidiots are taking advantage of the quiet roads to show off their road racing skills (or lack of them) I know its tough but a bit longer and we can get back doing what we like to do most, motorcycling, meanwhile we don't need the power ranger mob getting us a bad name.
Looking back to carefree travel I thought i'd share these photos taken at Sturgis in 2013 the week before the actual event happened, nice museum and not all Harley's, sunny days and motorcycling, remember that?
Sunny days
Vincent which looks used
Indian Chief seemingly
Tarts handbag
Early trike
I like this...
Oh dear, USA market only?
Mair Indians than the battle of little big horn!
You guessed, another opponent from Custers last stand
At last a proper V twin
An Indian Arrow?
BSA, now yer talking
And with a front tyre George Martin would be proud of ( I changed it in 1965)
Interesting concept
Vincent and AJS
Now if that cylinder head blew off there could be a terrible accident
British corner
Fiona enjoying a beer in a private bar
The guy to the left of Fi owned a vintage bike shop, he also had his own private bar, he closed the bike shop and opened the bar for us and invited some of his pals for a party, top man! 

Monday, 13 April 2020

Week 4 lockdown, a look at 2010

So we enter week 4 of lockdown because of this Chinese virus, now becoming a right pain in the backside, just had the best Easter weekend in a long time with regards to the weather and NO MOTORCYCLING!!! , luckily we can still get parts so there has been fettling in the workshop and my garden is looking nice!
This makes me realise just how much my motorcycling means to me, its so much more than a hobby. most of my friends I have made in one way or another through motorcycling, and most of my weekends (and occasionally weekdays) I've been motorcycling, most of Fiona and my holidays have been spent motorcycling and camping. I have resisted the urge to get out, the state and the media has us all thinking that enjoying ourselves is a major crime against the state so for now I'm towing the line but I think there is a limit and I'm getting close to it.
Not overly happy with the Police state we seem to have turned into very quickly, some police have been overzealous to say the least but then again I suppose the Bams have also had their part to play, and even more annoying is the Petrol price is lower than it has been for ages!!!
Anyhow, rant over and some random photos from 2010 to remind us of happier times... Stay safe my friends.
Fi, myself and Alex leaving the Begonia (remember when you rode a Norton Alex)
Hectors Commando at Braemar meeting
Richard Negus, former MD of Norton with his special Commander at Braemar
Frozen Loch en route to Applecross
It was a cold winter that year
Guzzi Rally in the Black Isle
Martin and Alex, tired after a long day .........
Fiona and Alex
Probably the last time Alex rode his Daytona, Fi was on the Norton, I took the breva
Big Norton turnout at the Heid of the Glen Rally
Adjustments to MVD on the way home
A tale of 3 Nortons....
David if I remember correctly running out of petrol on the A1 (or maybe practicing his squats)
Alex avec Norton
Tam Bradley explaining to Davie how he spent his last sixpence