Wednesday 31 August 2011

Not much to report.

Still relaxing at the beach, so not much to report. Still warm but cloudy today around 26 degrees. Not doing much until we move to Italy on sunday

Tuesday 30 August 2011

Relaxing by the Med

We said goodbye to Ian and Ali this morning, they headed North and we headed south. Were now at a camp site on the med. Med it's 28 degrees just what the doctor ordered. An excellent run down the A75 well worth the trip south.

Monday 29 August 2011


Arrived in Millau and have met up with ian and Ali now basking in the sun. 28 degrees so were quite happy. Its nice just to escape the cold for a while.

Sunday 28 August 2011

Progress so far.

Not sure if g mentioned that fiona's exhaust broke en route to the rally. We were taken to a local guys house on Saturday who is a side car racer and who done a fantastic job fixing it. He turned down a bit of pipe on his katie to sleeve the exhaust for extra strength before tig welding it. A superb job so alls well again. We left the begonia about 11 this morning, 12 degrees and raining and were now 400 miles South of there and its sunny and 21 degrees. Just what the doctor ordered. Hopefully we get to the Med tomorrow for some needed rest and sun,

Friday 26 August 2011

Finally here

So it was dark as night when we got off the ferry this morning but it was warm. We had quite a crap run, some rain and very heavy traffic. Now we are relaxing in a slightly cold tent with not one but two of the new norton's courtesy of the Belgian importer. Seemingly they run but have no gearboxes which I find strange.

Thursday 25 August 2011

At the ferry

So a dry run down to Newcastle for the ferry. This part is usually wet but today the god's were with us. Now waiting for the usual bad treatment from the crew loading the bikes.

Wednesday 24 August 2011

Almost ready but a little issue!!

Spent my spare time this week getting organised for the off. Why does it take so long to throw a few things in a bag? Checking, double checking and I'm sure I'll forget something in the end.
Got a call from my bank last night , seems somebody (thieving low life ratbag who deserves to die a horrible slow painful death) has got hold of my Bank details and has been trying to buy stuff over the Internet. The bank I have to say were very good and refunded all the dodgy transactions immediatley but it means I'm off on holiday with no bank card, maybe its a good thing and will stop me overspending!
Remember when a thief or robber broke in through your front door with a stripey shirt, eye mask and a bag with SWAG written on it? Now they screw your bank account from the comfort of their own mud hut or slum!!
Anyway off tomorrow woo hoo!

Sunday 21 August 2011

Getting organised

So just getting over the stress of last weekend's over generous bike lending activity although the work evolving from that will take a while to sort out. Now getting organised for our trip to europe this week. I'm taking the Guzzi as quite frankly i'm needing a rest. In getting a tyre on Saturday for the Breva (not my usual supplier but the same price and on my doorstep. ) I saw this bike and thought i'd share it with you. Also had issues with my tent poles on my 3 month old hi gear tent. A in house brand sold by camping warehouse go outdoors. So I trundled along looking for a set of poles under warranty. Not a chance, seems the poles aren't covered. Seems strange to me that you can sell a tent of which the poles are a fundamental part and yet they aren't covered when the break. I pointed out the poles were shite but the guy seemed to be programmed to ignore customer feedback. So if you want a reasonable tent buy a hi gear just don't expect the thing to function as a tent as the poles are crap. So guess where I won't be shopping again. On a brighter note were off on Thursday so keep looking in for updates on the trip.

The original plan was the Begonia Rally in Belgium followed by Croatia, well that may change now to a blast to the South of France (if its still sunny) for a few days soaking up the sun on the beach then a run through Italy (visiting Mandello the birthplace of my Guzzi's) and then Switzerland, Germany and home via Ijmuiden. This will save 3 days and around 1000 miles so I can spend more money and time researching fine French wines

Tuesday 16 August 2011

New transport

After the stress of the weekend here's a couple of pic's of myself and Fiona on our new modes of transport!!

Applecross Norton Meeting

Lolo (from Ibiza) and Alex waiting for us after the lunch stop

The Belgians appeal to the Rain Gods

Trying to fix another Norton

Well I have to say I'm glad its over, major stress in lending out four bikes, just getting them ready was a headache. Now they are all back safe (but needing some maintenance) I can breath a sigh of relief.
Tthe weekend didn't look too promising weather wise but we had a not bad run up to Applecross on the Friday and celebrated heavily in the bar that night. Saturday morning was raining and there appeared to be no enthusiasm for a run so we left everyone to their own devices. One of my bikes developed a heavy misfire which was down to a main jet holder working loose however, a catalogue of events led it to being a long day working on bikes, organising the nights entertainment, and some rescue services.
Thanks are due to David Templeton who made the journey to Skye Saturday evening to get an Inner tube for Sandy's bike. (I'd used my spare on the M90 at 7.30 on Friday morning!!)
Sunday only saw a handful left but we were blessed with a nice day and Monday was again very wet and Cold for the run home. I would have posted more over the weekend but the stress levels were too high!!

Tuesday 9 August 2011

Peter's dommi

I met Peter last night collecting his now well running bike from Sandy's place. It is looking very nice and running well after some fettling from Mr Bloy.

Monday 1 August 2011

Gratuitous Norton photo

Monday so thought i'd post a photo of my 88ss so that i'm reminded to get on with the restoration.