Friday 27 March 2020

2007, a reminder

Since we can't get out on our bikes with this lockdown I had a look at happier times, I love looking at older photos, some people take photos on their phone or camera and after a while they never look at them again, this quarantine is a great excuse to go through all your old photos and post them up (Unless they are embarrassing ones of me!).
A selection from 2007, from Holland, Belgium, France , Switzerland,Germany, Scotland , Andorra and the Isle of Man!

Manx GP 2007, Norton International meeting
Vintage gathering on the Isle of Man, Bikes not people!
Fiona resting on the beach modelling the latest Hein Gericke gear.
Almost at Andorra in the Pyrenees in May
Lunch stop in France
The wedding of Hessel and Sylvia in Groningen
Very wet in Switzerland
This had been a very very wet day
Trying to figure out the massive oil leak (In France), transpires the crankcase had cracked on the drive side bearing hence the very lubricated back tyre 
The guys at Den Bras!
The Bealach na baa with Geert
My Norton had just run out of petrol at this point, then Fiona crashed her ER6, not a great day. I noticed that new seat which I just replaced today (again) 
Alex and Hessel posing with the John Player on route to the Manx
The John Player posing at a well known bridge
A day out in the Borders with Martin Connachy ( a rare occasion when he was on a proper bike and not one of these Vincent things :-)  )

Wednesday 25 March 2020

Sunnier days

Just looking back at some photos, I picked a handful at random to lighten the mood, well they made me happy, I have literally thousands more but I think the ones that make me smile is when I'm with old friends and old bikes, of course in order to get sunny pictures none of these are in Scotland, more to follow. Just remember, sunny days are coming.......

In France (or maybe Wallonia) taking lunch, bikes on the pavement and not a care.
A brilliant day for a run to Macarthys bar in the South of Ireland with Martin and the gang
And on the way back via the Healey pass
The BBA in Belgium, Eddie laughing
Fast forward 11 years and the Begonia, Eddie still laughing at the same joke!
Peter and Geert a few years ago, Peter is recovering from the dreaded virus! (the following day we were recovering from a horrific hangover !)

Saturday 21 March 2020

All change

What a crazy few weeks its been and we are in for a few more months I think, of course all our plans are up in the air, months of planning, getting visas, negotiating time off, lining up contacts for tyres and servicing across Europe and Asia, all gone by the wayside.
We have tried to stay positive but this damned virus has taken over everybody's life all over the globe, we are losing an opportunity to travel this year but hopefully by 2021 it will be possible again, now I feel a bit selfish writing that as people have lost and will lose so much more, loved ones, friends, businesses and jobs so I know i'm one of the lucky ones.
The bikes are timed and primed so hopefully this is just a setback for 12 months, meanwhile we were self isolating on our bikes today which was a wonderful escape from having an ear glued to the news or looking for news updates on the phone.
I'm looking forward to the world getting rid of this virus and less people becoming ill so we can all get on with our lives (except of course all the arseholes who have been buying up all the pasta and bog rolls in the supermarkets, I hope all that pasta gives them the shits so they have a use for all that bog roll!)
Take care out there and stay safe my friends...
Glen Ogle, too windy for the Drone
Nice though
Snow around
And the snow beat me!!!
Wobbling back through
Cafe's all closed so eating and drinking in the field today!

Tuesday 3 March 2020

Planning ahead

Its been a while since we undertook an epic trip but now there  is another one in the pipeline, it has been a long time in the planning, permissions and visas have been sought and now we are almost there, its another epic and very challenging, the bikes have been prepared and are all but ready to go. To be honest it will be a relief to get on the road again and escape the bullshit and fake news we are bombarded with daily from all sides. Further updates soon but until then there will be more "normal" motorcycling stuff, stay tuned (and its something to look at if you are "self isolating" from the Coronavirus, last Saturday I had a bit  of Peronivirus but was 100% fine by lunchtime!)