Sunday, 20 May 2018

Scottish Guzzi Rally

The annual Scottish Guzzi Rally took place a couple of weeks ago at Thornhill, Stirlingshire, as always it was a great weekend, plenty banter, plenty bikes, the music was good and the beer flowed freely. I managed to stay upright this year and at no time needed assistance so my alcohol intake must have been under control. It was also a different Rally for us as the run from Perth offers some better opportunities for nice roads to get there. Photos tell the story better, many thanks to the organisers for a most excellent effort.
Proud Nevada owner
Jakes beard will soon be long enough for him to wear it as socks!
Unmolested Monza
Used Cali
My T3 being pointed at , Fi was on the Le Mans
Guzzi guys talking Guzzi nonsense
Liz's V7
Guy and Kate's 1000s (not sure who was riding which)
Jake with a glakit look on wishing he had a T3
Illuminated ridiculous beard time
Famous Guzzi Mechanic Baldric talking to Russel about how going around in your underwear is where its at in London
Fi waiting on the Kelly Kettle doing its job
Break time, Saturday night
It got ridiculous , Dolphins were being used as sex aids by some......
Helicopter available for rent for the night