Monday 30 July 2012

Plastic sprockets?

After my recent visit to Scottoiler I thought I'd better take their advice and replace the sprockets on my G650GS, the pictures below show the old and new and the front compared to the obviously well worn rear.
Strange the front does approx 3 times the work of the rear (its smaller and turns more often) and yet it still looks servicable while the rear is junk, the teeth are worn to a point (so sharp I cut my finger on it, blood and oil , a great combination!!)

So are BMW making the rears out of plastic? Quite poor after only 7500 miles I think, so now we have the Scottoilers on it'll give me a reference point to compare the difference the oilers make. The rear sprocket is a pattern one and hopefully better than the original!!

Still no summer

A mixed weekend but certainly still not summer, we were at a BBQ on Saturday afternoon, nice people, good fun but the rain, it was like a pop concert underfoot,  we should have taken the bikes because then we would have had appropriate footwear. Sunday we wen't for a bimble on the Norton and saw this very "oily rag original" Tiger Cub parked next to us outside the cafe in Gullane. Original down to the tax disc which appeared to be 17 years out of date, good effort! Oh and the Coffee shop in Gullane still has the best tea ever! So still heavy showers in between some sun and wind, like I said, still not Summer!! 

Monday 23 July 2012

Norton weekend sucess

So a great weekend at Applecross with a small but friendly turnout, also met Norman from at the weekend The run up on Friday was great, dry roads and an unbelievably hot and sunny Applecross on Friday night, plenty alcohol was consumed to ensure that "Applecross effect" on the Saturday, a run round the peninsula on the Saturday and then more of the same on Saturday night!
The run home was terrible, the Bealach positively dangerous with no visibility and high gusting winds, add in tourists who don't have a clue how to drive and it makes it a not fun occasion.

Special mention to Alan Throssell who rode up from Essex in one hit, 630 miles on his Commando leaving at half past midnight on the Friday morning, didn't seem to phase him much. Thanks to all who made the effort including Martin & Micky from Southern Ireland , good company, good times and we'll do it again no doubt.

Saturday 21 July 2012

Wednesday 18 July 2012

More work done

Today we (Alex & I) were through at Scottoiler HQ near Glasgow to get the BMW's fitted with automatic oilers, I've just changed the chain on mine at 7500 miles which quite frankly is s*ite!, the guys (Mark & Matt) at Scottoiler tell me that chain and sprocket life should be considerably enhanced using this simple and well known device.
I hope to report in future that this has extended chain life and given me an easier life! With our trip to the Ukraine coming up next month I'll be able to give it a good test.
If you want to know more check out their website at ;

Monday 16 July 2012

All systems go!!

First time I've mentioned it on the blog but at last the flights are booked!
Our trip from Argentina to Alaska and beyond is a definite, flying to Buenos Aires the last week in November, the bikes will hopefully arrive at the same time. Then riding to hopefully the Argentina Horizons unlimited Rally in the South before making our way to Tierra Del Fuego to start the ride north through Argentina, Chile, Peru, Equador, Columbia, Panama, Costa Rica, Honduras, Guatemala, Mexico, USA, Canada, then into Alsaka before heading South to San Francisco to do Route 66 to Chicago back into Canada and shipping home from New York.
We're expecting the trip to take just under a year so hopefully plenty photos and stories for you all to enjoy. The "All Roads lead to the Moon" tour is on!!
In between times we are heading to the Ukraine soon for a shakedown trip and of Course Applecross for the Norton meeting this weekend so plenty to do between now and November!!
I'm busy preparing the 650 BMW's just now (sorry to disappoint by not taking the Norton but it would be a step to far at the moment I think!!)

Saturday 14 July 2012


Yesterday I was along to take a part to Alex to help get Michele Vincent back on the road with a new carb manifold, the old one was perished and being paranoid I carry a spare. Michele and his girlfriend are over from France and are hopefully going to see a bit of Scotland over the next few days. The weather though has been terrible so I hope it stops raining long enough for them to enjoy it.

Monday 9 July 2012

International Rally goes well

Despite the weather which was at times horrendous, especially for people travelling from the South the rally was a great event. Well organised and a good field to pitch in although because of all the water it was a bit muddy!
We met Alex at 2pm on Friday, for once he was on time, a new leaf perhaps? Great run down the A7 in mostly dry conditions although the occasional "river" running across the otherwise dry roads bore testament to the amount of rain we've had. A stop for fuel at Carlisle revealed we were getting over 60 miles to the gallon, excellent, onwards for a short blat down the M6 before heading over the A65 to Skipton, the last 30 miles were in rain and the last 10 very wet!! We were lucky, all around people were trying to find places to dry their wet clothes. We got the tent up and retired to the bar.
Its always a great event for catching up with people you haven't seen for a while, a really good turnout from the French, Belgian, Dutch and Austrian branches and so good to see old friends.
Saturday we were blessed with sun (well until 6pm anyway) so no complaints there, a nice meal in Skipton (after getting soaked walking there) then a hectic night in the bar. It appears the whisky took a hammering! Up in the morning to get organised for the run home, although the Rally lasts till Monday we had things to do so we once again had a very nice run home, a tad wet to start but then a glorious run up the A7 again to home.
Well done to the Yorkshire branch for a great event, and good to say hello to all our friends in the Norton world, thanks to Leon for the gift of his home made wine (looking forward to that when my liver has had a rest) I'll let the pictures tell the story!

 Saturday night!
 Pretty canal in Skipton, wet though!
 Nice Inter well loaded with luggage

 Pretty in purple and some serious brakes!
 The field when we arrived, difficult riding conditions!!
Fuelled up and ready to go

Thursday 5 July 2012

International Norton Rally

Its this weekend so looking forward to it, heading tomorrow afternoon, hopefully the rain will not assume biblical proportions as forecast! Just filled the bikes with fuel so ready to go, pic of the three Nortons garaged here this afternoon.

Funny but sad story, the police in this country have today closed one of our main motorways for 6 hours causing miles of delays and chaos because a bus carrying passengers from Preston to London had somebody on it smoking some kind of electronic health aid designed to help stopping smoking. One of the passengers obviously thought it was a bomber trying a terrorist raid on the M6.
So we end up with dozens of police cars, more than a dozen fire engines, the Army, armed police and literally thousands of people being inconvenienced because of lack of common sense and gumption. The UK these days is a joke, priorities are all wrong, the politicians, press and bankers all liars and crooks, the Boards of big companies all awarding themselves huge salaries despite their incompetence whilst screwing the workers, today on the radio I heard a debate on whether people should get compassionate leave from work if their pet dies, my god, we really are losing it, common sense has all but disappeared!!
Glad this weekend I'll be with (mostly) like minded, nice, sensible people and (mostly) riding Nortons!!
Now my worry is if my Norton smokes a bit is it possible I could cause as much chaos as our electronic fag replacement person did today? Hope not!    

Wednesday 4 July 2012

Fancy a Tartan bike?

Visited an old pal yesterday, Pete Crawford of Celtic Customs near Perth, he's a paintsprayer and a bit of an artist. I was impressed with the tartan roof on his van so thought I'd share it with you. He's great on bike stuff too, done a brilliant job on my Roadster petrol tank (so good i'm reluctant to fit it!!) Worth thinking about if you need paintwork done.
 The man himself seen modelling his artists apparell!
Look at the detail on this, excellent!! (who'll be the first to get their tank done in Tartan?)

Tuesday 3 July 2012

For Sale Guzzi Breva 1100

Due to a change of direction for a while (all will be revealed) my Breva is up for Sale, details and pics below!
For Sale Moto Guzzi Breva V1100, first Reg 25/02/2006 (55), A reluctant sale of this excellent bike, (not getting used and unlikely to be used for the foreseeable due to other bikes and commitments) Serviced regularly by myself since I bought it, previous dealer service history, recent full service including Plugs (inner & Outer) Filters, tappets and oils (less than 200 miles ago).

Speedo changed when I bought it at 9738 miles now showing 17517 so mileage is currently 27255, nice all round condition, good tyres, Laminar lip extension to Guzzi windscreen, Guzzi Panniers, Centre stand kit fitted.

MOT’d until October 28th 2012, currently on SORN, £3200, I’ll give someone on here the chance to buy it before I resort to Fleabay.

Contact me via comments or on my E mail (the AT should be replaced with a @)