Thursday, 30 January 2014

Welcome Home

Yesterday was a milestone, I finally got our bikes back, it's taken a while but the discount I got for my troubles was worth it so thanks to David & Julie at James Cargo!
We left Edinburgh at 06.30 , Alex was not only on time but actually beat me to our rendezvous spot, thanks to Alex also for taking me in his van down to Manchester to collect them.
My first impressions were about how dirty they looked, the good part though is its just dirt not the corrosion you get setting in if you leave bikes lying around in a Scottish winter. Today I gave them a good clean (but they'll need several more to get all the dirt off ) checked them over and started them up, after a few turns they both coughed into life. I had to change the battery on Fi's bike as it seems to have died but that wasn't an issue. Now looking forward to getting out on them this weekend at some point and we have a camping weekend next weekend so watch this space!
Great to see it in one piece and with all our gear still attached!

Getting ready to load Fi's bike

Back home at last, dirty but well, now a bit of fettling and they'll be ready for the next adventure!

Tuesday, 21 January 2014


I was checking out some things today on the Internet and came across a site that had pictures taken on the Tail of the Dragon when we were there so obviously I bought them. Sunny days in South Carolina, seems so long ago now! Latest news is the bikes should be in my possession by the end of NEXT week, that will be 3 months, not a good performance!
Beware, teletubbies are out!

Now I see why the bike scrapes so easily on the left, stand almost on the road! Another poor design by Broken Motorcycles Worldwide!  

Sunday, 19 January 2014

Engineering marvels, breakdowns and good people

Another Sunday and the weather is holding up at a few degrees above freezing so that's good. A run to the Scottish Moto Guzzi meeting at the Falkirk wheel which funnily enough is in Falkirk! We took the back roads and were enjoying the run, no rain and bits of blue sky to cheer us up. As we approached the wheel (which is a marvel of engineering used to lift boats from one level to another the Norton lost power, I had just fuelled up and did ponder for a moment if the dilithium crystals had run dry, na the engines had it said Scotty my first engineer, oops sorry though I was on a starship there! A quick check revealed one of the wires going to the ignition pick up had broken and worse I had forgotten my trusty swiss army knife. Fiona set off for the nearby garage to see if they had any tools and sticky tape but no, it was a Tesco Extra so fine if you want a microwaveable meal or a loaf of bread but the only accessories stocked for the motorist was air fresheners which we all realise is kind of wasted on a motorbike.
Luckily as I stood guard with the bike watching the Swans in the Forth & Union Canal help appeared in the form of local good guy Stuart who after asking if he could help set off back to his house and re appeared with tools, connectors and sticky tape. Within minutes we were back on the road again, thanks again Stuart for the help and for reaffirming my belief that there are still nice people in the world.
We were late for the Guzzi meeting but who cares, good to catch up with many of the guys we haven't seen for a long time and now looking forward to the Scottish Guzzi Rally in May at Moniave in Dumfrieshire (honest Russell we will bring Guzzi's)
We took the quick way home with the stupid notion that I'd hurry in case the wire broke again, makes no sense, a bit like rushing in case you run out of petrol. As I often say every journey is an adventure, today proves the point!

Norton at rest,
Broken wire
Our saviour Stuart, thanks again
Horses heads perhaps waiting for a bed? These are copies of a new statue by the side of the motorway which are massive and impressive 
The Falkirk wheel, impressive boat lift

Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Update on Equipment

I had some time today so took the opportunity to update the Bikes and equipment page with feedback (In Red!) Hopefully useful for all you potential adventurers out there!

Right, what the Hell is wrong now!

Sunday, 12 January 2014

A grand day out

After a bit of a false start today when the two Ian's met up with us to do a bit of "off roading" and we found new signs prohibiting motorcycles from the area we had in mind, we managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat thanks to Lindsay Barrie and former grass track racer extraordinaire Sandy Cook who let us use part of his farm. A great afternoon and glad to say Fiona took to it like a duck to water. So what could have been a non event ended well, it also makes me wonder why when we in Scotland have so much "green" space and yet its really difficult to find somewhere to play on a Sunday afternoon? If we were dog walkers or cyclists no problem, add an engine and you become the anti Christ, its time this attitude changed somehow, not sure how we do that though?
Grand day out
Fi tackles the water obstacle
Lindsay powers through the water

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Frostbite run

Today we had the annual Lothians & Borders Frostbite run, the event has suffered sometimes with the weather but today we were lucky the recent storms seem to be keeping the really bad weather at bay. Patches of ice across the roads and frozen puddles in parts but mostly just damp which was great. It was a nice wobble aound the South of Edinburgh with the traditional meet back at the Leadburn Inn for some Stovies and in my case hot tea.
Good to see everybody out and I'm sure i'm right in saying that amongst the Classics Nortons were the best represented (of course)
Ready for the off!
Bob arrives on his "Classic" Honda looking very colour coordinated
Nice Velocette
KTM's came along and we even got a nice wheelie from one
Nice Cafe Racer BSA
Another "talk" stop waiting on the pub getting the dinner ready
George Martin forsook powered transport and came along by bicycle, I can assure you the shades weren't needed to keep the sun out of his eyes!