Thursday 24 February 2011

Austin Vince.

Just been to see Austin Vince do a great talk on his round the world travels in tea tree tree edinburgh. Very funny and informative, i'd recommend it to anyone with a passion for travel especially if you like motorcycling. He's on again on Saturday night at the same place, if there's tickets left you won't be disappointed.

Wednesday 23 February 2011

Belfast / life on a different road.

Well its been a crazy week so far. Starting with a 4am start on Monday down to Northampton followed by Leeds Tuesday and today Belfast. Got the first flight this morning and on the last tonight. I've been sitting in the airport for a while now watching people, a great way to pass time. Been watching all the suits rushing around looking important like every minute is money but they are only rushing from queue to queue. Travel by plane is certainly different, a experience better to watch and then to smile inwardly as you realise this is the life of fools, its no way to travel no way to live your life. This is hopefully a one off for me, i've had enough of corporate bullshit to last me a lifetime and really can't see myself being a lifetime devotee to a suit and importantness. Roll on the weekend, a bike rally with real people!

Sunday 20 February 2011

Another week nearer Spring

As the title of todays blog states its another week towards Spring, out today on the Guzzi for a smallish run. Great to get the use of some dry roads for a change, still a lot of crap on them though so being careful, depite that managed to get the tyres almost to the edge so there must have been some grip! Good fun indeed, rallies now for the next two weekends in a row so hopefully have some photos for you all and maybe even some stories.
Crazy week at work ahead which is a bit more than I would have liked, Thursday night looking forward to seeing Austin Vince who is of course part of the Mondo Enduro and Terra Circa crew doing a talk in Edinburgh. With two times round the world under his belt on a DR350 Suzuki he's gots lots of stories to tell.

Monday 14 February 2011

Man Flu

Not such a great weekend, the dreaded Man Flu kicked in on Saturday so that was a non motorcycling weekend for me. A bit of a wash out really. Not sure if this work thing will last much longer, its affecting my bike time too much and I seem to be expected to jump when I’m told, never been keen on that concept, even less nowadays! Keeping my head down for the moment but for how long? Watch this space.
Bike changes though at the weekend, sold the Mk3 Guzzi I bought recently (if the cheque clears) and bought a 54 Triumph T100 in need of some TLC , this could very well be next years winter bike, it runs fine just needs some wiring and a few other odds and ends, but when will I get time?
I'll post a picture as soon as I can

Tuesday 8 February 2011


So yesterday I was heading down the A702 in this snow and suddenly the traffic slowed down to 30 mph. The problem was we were following a snow plough operated by bear who maintain our roads. Now you would think the plough might be ploughing the snow but as you can see thats not the case, nor were they gritting, in fact all they were doing was holding up the traffic . Bloody useless retards! Thats the stage we are at now, the gritters are just out to slow down the traffic because we have no grit left! Or common sense for that matter.

Sunday 6 February 2011

Capper Rally

Thank god for Winter rallies, its a way of keeping your sanity in the Winter months, this years Capper Rally was as always excellent, a good turn out and impressive tales from some of the guy's who rode up on Friday in howling gales and torrential rain. Evidence of their wetness was all over the hotel with all radiators being utilised for drying out sodden gloves, boots jackets and trousers. Now camping in a hotel garden or muddy field might not be everyones idea of fun but its ours and we enjoy it! The picture above is because I told Ian I'd be wearing a pink carnation so that he'd recognise me! General rally scenes below.

Diesel MZ! Wouldn't like to be stuck behind this home brewed special!
Ian and the ladies, actually Ian trying to be one of the ladies
Hmm children will be children
Well used winter transport
All the way from the South of England, a very well used Honda!
Bob excited and confused at the choice on the menu
Drink starting to kick in now!
Bert trying not to look silly!
Not sure but drink causes strange behaviour
Oh dear, there's always one good blackmail shot in there
Berts idea of art ! The bottom one says Indians love sponges, that'll be how your Indian won best bike then Bert.
I unfortunatly peaked too early and sloped off to my tent whilst I could still walk unaided at midnight, the party went on till 4am I believe, I'm blaming Ian and Bob for my poor showing, Don't brink whisky to rallies again lads unless your going to help me with it!