Sunday 31 July 2011

Busy weekend

Still trying to get bikes ready for the Norton Applecross do! The original plan has changed a few times and yesterday it changed again, I was trying to get the JPN ready but gave up because the omens were telling me through a series of small problems not to be so stupid!
Too good a day to spend all day in the garage so I managed a few miles in the sun!
Today we took a brace of Nortons out, the Mk3 has recently been rebuilt and has taken to smoking at traffic lights, I've already had the head off twice and found the valve stem oil seal off, I suspect this is again the culprit. I'm leaving it just now though as I can't face taking the head off again just now. I wonder if its a ploy by the manufacturers of these parts to boost the sale of head gaskets!
Also my Boyer Power box has obviously been damaged by the alternator frying itself so I changed it for Al osbornes Chinese special, half the price and it works!!
Who'd have a Commando (or a fleet of them) its a bloody full time job!!
The big bonus of the weekend though was that I attended a charity fuction last night (not really looking forward to it) but then I found the whisky was only £1.35 for a 35ml nip, excellent and certainly helped the night along, the more you drink, the more you save!!

Wednesday 27 July 2011

Good spell continues.

Well what a wonderful weekend we had, no rain and plenty of sun. The weather seems to be holding up so I just had to get out last night especially after David Templeton sent me a picture earlier of his bike next to a loch in the sun having blagged a half day. Long may this keep up!

Saturday 23 July 2011

Sunny night

Just another picture to show you all this wonderful country. Just had 3 Austin 7's go by. Excellent.

Ferry time

Good night last night after the midge's were overcome. Late start today and a short trip to the ardnamurchan peninsula where we are camping. Weather great and a cool breeze to keep the midge away.

Friday 22 July 2011

Bridge of Orchy

So after a shite week at work what better than to head off to the highlands for the weekend. Rough camping tonight at Bridge of orchy. Midge's are now out in force i've got my hat on and my scarf coverning the rest of my head in an attempt to stop the bugigers getting a feed.

Thursday 21 July 2011

Flying home.

As part of my temporary employment I had to fly down south to a meeting yesterday. As i've said before air travel is demeaning to the soul because of the jobs worths making you feel like a criminal just for wanting to fly. There are some compensations though, speed being one and the views another. Took this photo about 9.30 last night, quite nice above the clouds but when we dipped below the reality of rain and darkness returned , just like life really.

Monday 18 July 2011


So Monday brings the usual stress and by night I feel the need for strong drink but realise that then Tuesday will start worse. I dug out the fastback and took it for a blast instead, almost as soon as i started it up I felt better. No protective clothing just a helmet and my 30 year old jacket, the way it used to be before we became besotted with safety. Only around 40 miles but 40 great miles and a ear to ear grin when I got home. Who needs artificial stimulants?

Sunday 17 July 2011

Late night Rant!

Is it just me? This rant isn’t all motorcycle related but certainly big brother related, I was reading the local paper from my home town tonight on line. The Perthshire Advertiser, a local rag which is well, local..... First story to get my heckles up was the demolition of the City Hall, a hall which is unpretentious, has bad acoustics (according to my musician friends) and is high maintenance (according to local politicians) I see St Johns Kirk, a old protestant carbuncle which prides itself on being an “important building” supports its demolition, of course they do, that way the magnificent church will be more visible by the locals and of course Perth’s growing “down and outs” who will no doubt peddle their wares in the vicinity! The Cooncil (council in proper parlance) have for years sought to promote Perth’s place in society as a up and coming centre of excellence for the arts so of course we had to spend a fortune on the new concert hall while the City hall fell into ruin, a bit like abandoning a perfectly good car because you wanted to be better than the neighbours and have the latest BMW or Mercedes on the drive. The City hall has memories for all of Perth’s people of a certain age, my best memory is watching Hawkwind playing “Silver Machine” there when it was a current chart song when I was a schoolboy. In this age of austerity when will our politicians realise the public (The taxpayer) just wants to get on with life and enjoy some nostalgic moments. This isn’t all about sipping a Latte on a new patio where the former centre of the towns collective memory existed.
My next rant is about a story where a good friend of mine was knocked of his bike and injured by a “retired minister with an unblemished 40 year driving record” The story barely mentioned our Jim, injured, traumatised and financially dented by this careless stupid and inconsiderate person, The report was all about the minister, how the Judge wanted a “driving instructor” to verify he was OK to drive, why didn’t he have to resit his test? Because my friends he is part of the crooked establishment, just like the scumbag journalists, the bent cops , the lower than a sewer rat politicians and anybody else who “controls” society!
Time for change is coming, when the taxpayer regains some rights and regains control, remember and ask your local MP , MSP, or Councillor what they are doing to improve things before you bless them with your precious vote!

Saturday 16 July 2011

Busy day.

Up at the unit today working on the John Player getting it ready for the Applecross Norton experience. After an oil change, some fresh petrol and a battery with some volts it burst into life. I love it when a plan comes together.

Wednesday 13 July 2011

Classic club Tayside

Last night (Wednesday) was so nice and I had a stressful day so i took the Breva up to the meeting. Good crack with the guys and some nice bikes. Sandy selling his Matchless, looking good. And this nice indian. Plenty others as well. Took the 750 roadster out tonight for a blast, great fun and the days worries and stresses are forgotten.

Tuesday 12 July 2011

Nice night for a run

One of those days at work where a bit of motorcycle therapy was required. Luckily it ended up nice so took the newly rebuilt mk3 for a run down the borders and for a fish supper at biggar. Bike going well, sun out, dry roads, work, what work my mind is clear now. They should prescribe riding a Norton on the NHS although sometimes it can have the opposite effect!

Saturday 9 July 2011


Yesterday (Friday) was horrendous with thunder and lightning and heavy rain most of the day. Roads were flooded in the area and the weekend didn't look like it was going to be much better. Luckily the skies cleared for a while and we headed down to East Fortune to see the road races, years since I've been at a race meeting and I have to say I had a great day out. East Fortune is a friendly kind of place where there are no Prima Donnas and everybody is just out to go as fast as they can and enjoy themselves. Good to see some old pals from my old racing days still out there doing it! Peter Burgess (Pictured) was having lunch before going out in the sidecar race, they came an excellent 3rd (with Peter in the chair) that despite the obvious wind drag from his moustache! The rain got us on the way back though but 30 miles in the rain is a little price to pay for such a pleasant day out!

Thursday 7 July 2011

Dry for now.

Good to get the mk3 sorted out again. It seemed to take an age because of lack of time and daft things. Now needs to be run in after a new cam and rings were fitted. Lothian's classic club tonight so we'll take those two along and hope it stays dry.

Monday 4 July 2011

Brilliant weekend

The early start on Saturday was worth it, the sun shone all weekend and the run home on Sunday was excellent also, the roads appeared strangely quiet. The Guzzi also made it past the Invergarry viewpoint which was better than the last time!
Good banter in the pub, David Templeton joined us out on Smokey Joe for a small Scottish tour, if the weather is good you really can't beat these roads and scenery.
Looking forward to the Norton meeting now I'm arranging in Applecross, if we get weather like this weekend we will be very lucky!

Saturday 2 July 2011

Early start.

So on the road at 7am this morning and avoided some of the tourists en route to Applecross
At loch
Sen carron and its only 12.