Monday, 7 February 2022

Capper Rally 2022

 It has been two years since the last Capper Rally, the last one in February 2020 was just before the Covid shit hit the fan and imprisoned us all for the best part of two years. Funnily enough at the last one nobody gave a jot about the Chinese virus, thinking that as with many viruses they stay in the region of origin and then fizzle out, it didn't stay there and it certainly hasn't fizzled out!

The last one was windy and stormy and funnily enough so was this one, thankfully the forecast snow didn't come to much and the run down to the other side of Edinburgh could almost be described as pleasant. Tent up as quickly as possible as the dark clouds massed overhead and we made it just before a short snow storm, hooray! 

It was well attended (better than normal I'd say) and as always very well organised by the guys and girls of the Special K club, the host Hotel (The Stair arms) done us proud with good service and nice food. I suspect the good turnout was down to the fact we have been kind of locked up for two years and everybody is desperate to get back to normal. A great turnout from our English friends as well, if I remember the long distance was 370 miles, top marks to everybody who made the effort and made the weekend a great success. The band on Saturday were outstanding and I believe all the way from Smokey Toon, Arbroath!

Great weekend, great company but cold in the tent and only a little snow on the way home, braw!

Ready to go, sun shining and a balmy 3 degrees

Getting organised

Tent almost sorted

Good turnout of bikes

And tents

Rally control

Watching the snow from inside the pub

Frost on the tent on Friday

A bright Saturday morning

Most tents still standing

Good to see old friends

Not sure what Geoff was doing here

Kate camera shy as always (These were not pants she is pulling over her head)