Monday, 6 February 2023

The Capper Rally

 Well you know it's special when the badge actually say's "The Last One" after 40 years of organising the Special K MCC have decided thats it, finito, no more lying in a field in February. When you look around most of the regulars are getting a bit older and less and less people are prepared to sleep in a tent (In February) To be honest like many rallies more and more people are taking the easy way out and sleeping in vans or motorhomes which to me kind off defeats the whole ethos of "Bike rallies".  It's difficult for the organisers to refuse people who have been going for years and decide to take their cars and vans despite the "No Cars or vans" rider on the invite. Luckily there are still "hard core " rallies for people who really want to experience traditional rallies.

There are limited numbers of youngsters going to rallies and one argument is that its a bit of a closed shop, the invites are sent out to a select few so how does that person get on the list? If the "older guys " want to take vans and motorhomes then maybe the younger guys will look and decide a hybrid Motorhome / bike rally isn't for them? Anyway despite all that we had a great weekend in great company and although its a shame it's the end, maybe its time, after all there is nothing to stop anyone going out to camp on their own in the Winter (if they are mad enough) 

We had a wee run on Saturday and stopped at George Martins house to scrounge our dinner and get heated up a bit and then almost got back to the site before the rain. Slider played on the Friday night and were on great form, Saturday nights band has less of an audience but were still enjoyed. A frosty night Saturday and ice still on the tent Sunday made me think "I should have brought the van" actually it didn't , what doesn't kill you makes you stronger! A windy a chilly run home and straight into the shower to thaw out, wonderful, when are we doing it again!

Ready for the off
regulars enjoying the weather
Fi enjoying the weather
The rally site
Putting the tent up
Webby with the new hat
Mr Mumford and myself
Slider in full flow
Fi asking if its cold!
Tent collection
Bike Collection
Geoff's Harris holding up the wall
Two Guzzi's from Birmingham (Bart and Sid)
oot for a run
Nice scenery
I was too lazy to get of my bike to take a photo
Geoff winning the best bike award
Sunday, frost on the tent
Frost on the bike and ready to go home!