Thursday 11 June 2020

Staying sane in an insane world

It appears the last few months have led to group insanity throughout the western world, as "leaders" in all western countries struggle to keep a grip on a whole host of issues, middle aged well to do people and groups of idiots and teenagers who should be in school fight causes by vandalising things within the pretext of protest but are at the same time removing freedoms from the bulk of the sensible and generally law abiding public. But this is not a rant, its just a few photos of bikes, normal people (motorcyclists) are too busy enjoying life to worry too much about pent up rage and whilst the world is far from perfect its a damn sight better than going back to the middle ages which is where we seem to be heading. Remember Brando in "The wild ones" "What you protesting about Johhny" " What you got"
Last weekend we took advantage of the fact it seemed to be ok for people to gather to protest to bend the rules and take the slightly longer way to the shops, I cannot recommend the motorcycling lifestyle more highly, people are in the main friendly and welcoming no matter how deep your pockets are or where your from, its a great group to be in, try it and escape the insanity.

Relaxing with a cuppa
I'm not really 20 feet tall
The Strathearn valley
Nature, peace and quiet
Fi about to drone
Loch Tay, peaceful, no problems with social distancing
The Yew tree at Fortingall, possibly a reminder of the Romans colonial past
The Yew tree and a telephone box, reminders of the past
Tea stop again
And so the day ended, a great day running around deserted roads, enjoying nature, does wonders for the mind !

Tuesday 2 June 2020

Slightly free

Well that was a bloody nightmare, our freedoms taken away but we are for the moment emerging from the other side. Although our government has put a 5 mile limit as an advisory, 5 mile laps of Perth aren't a great idea so we decided to look for recreation elsewhere, we stuck to Perthshire and if you think we were taking the piss try talking to the dozens of "wild campers" out despite us not being able to stay away for the night, fire smoke was pungent along the shores of Loch Tummel, pretty daft when you consider how dry its been lately. A estate worker was stabbed at Loch Cluny at the weekend by a camper at 3.30 in the morning as he probably tried to reason with them, shocking. Mind you when you kept an animal in a cage for a couple of months it would behave badly when it was finally let out, but of course we are humans but there are some pretty stupid and selfish ones out there. 
Back to motorcycling, it was glorious, just bimbling along in this incredible early summer weather, catching flies by the thousand. BMW's were put away to rest on Sunday and Fi got her Norton out after taking a half day on the Monday to enjoy what no doubt will be the last of the heat! Fi's Norton threw a wobbly at Glenalmond so we stopped and swapped bikes and I nursed the errant Commando back home and dragged out the Triumph, Fi decided she wasn't giving me my Norton back so with me Triumph mounted we set off again for a glorious afternoon, empty roads and great scenery and all on our doorstep, braw! The yellow Norton seems to have a carb issue and will be easily sorted.....hopefully.
Not Dull at all

Still not

Loch Tummel

Nearer home

Norton ready (or so I thought!)

Fi enjoying the Mk3

Great scenery

Heading towards Kenmore
Kenmore was unusually busy so we only stopped for a photo

Triumph and badly behaved Norton waiting to be put away