Monday 14 August 2017


That time of the year again, Bert & Laurennes party, as always much talking and drinking, acting the goat and plenty motorbikes. For some reason again BMW's seemed to be the bike of choice, our usual OiC of the BBQ Gus couldn't make it this year but a worthy replacement(s) in the form of Oz, Fi and Laurenne. There were some alcohol related injuries and I was one, fell flat on my face getting out the tent and the resultant bruise / cut made it painful getting the helmet on on Sunday, all in all I think 4 of us sustained injuries in the course of having fun. Big thanks to our hosts for a brilliant night as always and the rain Gods were pretty well behaved also!
Now some minor sorting of the Nortons before we head for Belgium next week.
Met this dude while we were waiting on Jake, old school hippy is how he described himself.
Nice bikes (OK the yellow one spoils it a bit ha ha)
Brother John talking to David 
Chuckle Brothers, Ed & Oz
Ians bobber, minimalist
Used Duke
Truck no longer red and looking very nice
Rab's Model 18
Alan, Rab and Barry discussing beard conditioner 
It was funny at the time
Jake and Ali deep in conversation
Trying to persuade our non bearded friend to grow one I think
T****** with flowers
Alan's Norton, looking good
Night falling, people falling
All smiling
Apart from Ian who was probably thinking about the pain of riding the bobber home next day
BBQ experts
Jake reading the flames