Thursday, 18 October 2018


So last week a short visit to Italy to catch up with friends and relations and to escape the colder weather for a few days. Some motorcycle activity as I helped my cousin set up his 3 1/2 Morini, really tidy 40 year old model and nice to ride, I've always admired them and after working on and riding one i'd be tempted at the right price, looks like UK prices are about twice Italian prices in their domestic market. Great time had, weather was mixed but in general very warm during the day, nice wine, nice views and nice people, whats not to like, now back in the land of single digit temperatures and will just need to toughen up, managed to break a rib while I was away, painful and very debilitating, still it was my own fault so just need to get on with life whilst moaning ouch ouch ouch all the time.

Bruno fiddling
Family photo
Sounding better now
Our hire car, ideal for the roads
Fi enjoying the warmth
Main square in Rocchetta
Looking out over the med heading to Finale Liguria
Lunch stop, stormy on Thursday
View of the church through the trees in Calice
Perinaldo, worth a visit
Med in the background
On a wall in Perinaldo
Main church in Perinaldo
Stunning views
Not sure who was guilty of the shite parking, my money is on the German registered car
Seen a few of these, assume they are Chinese
Path to the castle in Dolceaqua
The bridge
Castle in B/W
And in colour
water in the river after Thursdays rain
Naked bint with a idea
another castle shot (no excuses, I like it)
The old home town (looks the same) 
Chillin in the sun
Looking down on  Dolceaqua from the Valle Rosa road (not for the faint hearted)
Castle from way on high
Menton, Sunday, 28 Degrees
Warm enough to swim
and it would appear get your kit off
Maltese falcon, now a charter boat, wonder what country or people these people robbed to be able to charter this bad boy

Friday, 5 October 2018

Perth Distinguished Gentlemans Ride

The DGR as its known has become a bit of a sensation, masses amounts of money gets raised each year for Mens Prostrate Cancer research and Mental Health, originating in Australia a few years ago its now a worldwide phenomenon, having never considered myself a Gentleman and by no means Distinguished I'd never given it a thought. Our friend Geoff Mumford was this years organiser and had been hassling us to take part, Fiona said she'd take part and then entered me as well using the excuse Geoff wanted a Norton along so that was it! It turned out to be a great day, met lots of old friends and met some new interesting people, maybe it should be re named the Interesting Peoples ride? Nice bikes, nice people, helping worthwhile charities and a gentle meander in the country, whats not to like, photos as always tell the tale, oh and our little group raised over £3000, thanks to all our sponsors.
Bikes looking good for the ride
Mooner looking dapper
Snibs looking like he's ate all the pies, he had his bike gear below the suit!
Nice Kawa
Very unusual
Geoff's weapon of choice, Heather was riding pillion! 
US import?
Gentlemen and Gentlewomen having a natter 
Robin Lamb's home brewed cafe racer, very nice
Robin on the right having a natter with a gentleman who's name i didn't catch
Geoff finishing his speech
Full marks to the guy who rode this!
Very nice Honda
Fiona scared a few by adding facial hair on the journey !

And finally, I take loads of photos but for the first time in a while somebody got their own back and posted this photo on social media, the Black and White over exaggerates my wrinkles and imho makes me look much older than 21, good picture though