Thursday 6 August 2020

A reminder of happy days

Fiona just pointed out that today (5th of August) was the very day we boarded the ferry in Prince Rupert in British Columbia for a trip up the inner sound to almost the Alaskan border, funny enough we are still in touch with several of the people we met in Prince Rupert and on the boat seven years later. A wonderful period in our year long trip and one which was very much a connection with nature.

Roll on 7 years  and what a mess, we now live in a totalitarian state where the government shuts down a town of 220,000 people because around 60 people have become ill with the virus, whats worse the police are on board telling the people they have extra patrols to make sure the populous complies, why is it they never have anyone available when somebody's house gets robbed, car vandalised or when called about anti social behavior. They only seem to have extra police to deal with "hate crime" "racism" and to patrol the streets on the orders of our controllers.........

Anyhoo, back to happier days when we were free , Corona was a fine Mexican beer and kids in Scotland from poorer areas could pass exams on merit !
Waiting on the ferry

Prince Rupert, traditional buildings

Our home for 2 nights

Petite and comfortable

Fiona does waiting for ferries well

Our new friends

Dropped off at 4am!

Thar she blows

Spent all day trying to get a photo but only ever managed to get the splash

My type of cruising
Waiting for the tide so we can make progress
Waiting on Canadian customs to open, I'm brewing up a cuppa!

Saying goodbye to our new friends (but not for long)