Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Solstice Rally Aberfoyle, Norton Owners Club

 Well that worked out very well, the Solstice rally staged by the National club at the Rob Roy Hotel Aberfoyle. We managed to get a place at the last minute having been on the waiting list due to the Dutch contingent having to call off because of the bloody disease. We were supposed to be at a family party in Italy at the same time so didn't enter but of course it was made impossible by the bloody disease so the rally was in effect a second choice but I am so glad we got in and full marks to the organisers.

If I am being honest at first I didn't much fancy it, a rally in a hotel, whatever next! It worked out far better than expected and I think it was so good to catch up with lots of people we hadn't seen for at least two years, the problem is none of the club are getting any younger so its important to meet up regularly before the time comes when it isn't possible. Great to see so many hardened regulars turning up and a special mention for Bill and Campbell who camped down the road and scranned up their own food by the tent, mind you I'm not sure if that was an attempt to keep old traditions alive or just down to the fact they are canny Aberdonians. 

I couldn't fault the hotel, the meals were excellent and the rooms clean, the social distancing thing was adhered to (I suppose) and it almost felt like a welcome return to "normal times" The bar closed at 10 for last orders and although this caught us out our group (or bubble) agreed it probably wasn't a bad thing allowing for a freshness in the morning not normally associated with Norton meetings.

Lets hope the strive for proper normal times continues despite the complete bollocks our ruling classes have made of it. Not as many pics as normal due to the fact I was obviously too exited to be talking to real people again not on Zoom!


Ready for the off
A well ridden Norton, used and ridden daily by the same owner since new
Mad Max's nice Manx
Manx again
Lots of Featherbeds appeared 
Campbell and Bill down from Aberdeen
More Mk3 Commandos than normal

A well used and original pre war 16H
Love the patina
Nice fastback next to Laurennes biscuit Triumph
Solvol being used methinks
Bert's latest incarnation of the Commando

Monday, 7 June 2021

Sunshine at last and a wee Norton meeting

 Typically we return from our dreich few days away and the temperature doubles and there is sunshine, no complaints, best to make the most of it while its here so we hastily arranged a wee Norton meeting in our favourite layby near Aberfeldy. Not a big turnout but considering the short notice it was good enough, certainly not a big Norton turnout as all but three chose to ride alternative bikes, mind you not such a bad thing either. Hector, David and Allan showed up on their Nortons whilst Phil, myself and Fiona went Italian for the day. Nice day out and as always great to get the banter!


Italian corner
Mk1 Le Mans
Phils Norton
David thankfully was Norton mounted
Philly telling a story, or maybe playing the piano?
Hector has had time to polish obviously
Looking good
And Allan's very clean Mk3