Monday, 7 June 2021

Sunshine at last and a wee Norton meeting

 Typically we return from our dreich few days away and the temperature doubles and there is sunshine, no complaints, best to make the most of it while its here so we hastily arranged a wee Norton meeting in our favourite layby near Aberfeldy. Not a big turnout but considering the short notice it was good enough, certainly not a big Norton turnout as all but three chose to ride alternative bikes, mind you not such a bad thing either. Hector, David and Allan showed up on their Nortons whilst Phil, myself and Fiona went Italian for the day. Nice day out and as always great to get the banter!


Italian corner
Mk1 Le Mans
Phils Norton
David thankfully was Norton mounted
Philly telling a story, or maybe playing the piano?
Hector has had time to polish obviously
Looking good
And Allan's very clean Mk3

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