Sunday 25 April 2010

Scottish Classic Club Glenfarg meeting

Today started wet, just what you'd expect for a bike gathering anyway, the good thing was that at least it was reasonably warm. We took the old faithful up to Glenfarg for the meeting, MVD going well, I reflected on this on the way, the Commando (a well sorted one at least) is such a satisfying bike to ride. We arrived at the back of 12 and there was a fair selection of bikes both modern and classic. The A92 scooter club also turned up. Good to see the Norton guys there, sorry I never brought the fastback for you to compare Hector!
We had a pleasant blether over lunch and were joined by Norrie, Snibs and Ian on the way back from the Tam o Shanter Rally with stories to tell about Bob & Kates extreme drunkeness on the Friday night. Service in the Hotel was shocking, bad enough we were locals but what any tourists must think if they get the same treatment god only knows, it made Basil Fawlty from Fawlty towers look like first class service. The food when it arrived was good enough though. Altogether a grand day out and thanks to John & Graham for the organisation.

Saturday 17 April 2010

Spring is sprung!

Well its so nice to get on the bike for an evening run, really nice last night so got the Fastback out for a blast, its going well now but could still do with some adjustments to the handling, mind you it makes it more of a challenge so I think I'll leave it as it is. Picture of an old engineering relic looking over to an old engineering relic!

Sunday 11 April 2010

Super weather for Rogart

Well what a superb weekend that was, the sun came out to play and made all the difference, after months of cold weather we finally got some warmth. We headed to Blair Atholl on Friday to try out the new tent, reasonably easily put up which was good, like all tents though you only know how good it is when you get bad weather! We met a couple of Germans touring with an American friend from Chicago, he turned out to be a bit different in a rude kind of way, the barman had to tell him to stop abusing the staff and he left soon after. Not sure if was his age (70) or if he was always so rude, I did explain to his friends that they were going to be doing a lot of apologising for him this week if he continued with his attitude, the Scots can be rude enough and don't need lessons from anyone else!
It was bitterly cold overnight and the heat had lulled me into a false sense of security so no extra sleeping gear, the bikes were covered in frost and you could feel the cold coming through the sleeping bag, not good but bright sunshine on Saturday morning ensured a good mood anyway. A really nice run up the road to Rogart (around 50 miles North of Inverness) to meet up with the guys from the Tay Valley Norton club (and some friends) staying the night in a disused railway carriage, it's recomended, only £14 per person per night, comfortable and well kitted out. check out for details. Great to see everybody and a good night had by all at the pub. The run down the road was good with sunshine all the way, hopefully a taste of things to come.

Tuesday 6 April 2010

Edinburgh NOC meeting

Took a run along to the Norton meeting in Edinburgh last night, plenty people there and one guy turned up from Lanark on this rare 750 Hi rider (about the only model I don't have) very unusual, just wish I'd had my camera, this pic was taken on my phone at night so its not brilliant.

Saturday 3 April 2010

Easter weather

Well we should have been away to Applecross camping this weekend but the weather is just too unpredictable, this morning in the face of snow warnings on the weather forecast we decided to stay at home and go out for a run round the Scottish borders, look at the pictures (and the video) to see we made the right decision! Fiona warming her hands up after the temperature dropped to 2 Degrees Centigrade The roads were clear but snow everywhere and the surface bad with either gravel, sand , mud , pheasants, rabbits or sheep, not to mention Romanian like potholes in the roads also!

Friday 2 April 2010

Winter again!!

Well there was I looking forward to this Easter weekend for a nice run possibly to Applecross and camping in temperatures of a positive persuation. How wrong can I be, this has turned into the week from hell, just when we thought Spring had arrived Tuesday night brought snow again, not just a covering but proper snow, chaos on all the Scottish roads again, cars abandoned, trucks stuck and snow gates shut on almost all routes North out of Perth. Yesterday the sun appeared again but there's still a bite in the wind. Last night I went down to the Lothians Classic club meeting at the newly rebuilt Leadburn Inn just south of Edinburgh, the snow is at least two feet deep at the side of the road, it does look like the depths of winter again, quite depressing after such a long period of cold. Of course the other problem is that the gritters have been out again spraying the roads with salt and whatever else makes the spray from the road highly corrosive. I must look into the practicalities of moving somewhere warmer, we are lucky in Scotland to live in a country with spectacular scenery, wildlife and an amazing history but................ why does it have to have spectaculary shit weather ? Answers on a postcard please