Friday, 2 April 2010

Winter again!!

Well there was I looking forward to this Easter weekend for a nice run possibly to Applecross and camping in temperatures of a positive persuation. How wrong can I be, this has turned into the week from hell, just when we thought Spring had arrived Tuesday night brought snow again, not just a covering but proper snow, chaos on all the Scottish roads again, cars abandoned, trucks stuck and snow gates shut on almost all routes North out of Perth. Yesterday the sun appeared again but there's still a bite in the wind. Last night I went down to the Lothians Classic club meeting at the newly rebuilt Leadburn Inn just south of Edinburgh, the snow is at least two feet deep at the side of the road, it does look like the depths of winter again, quite depressing after such a long period of cold. Of course the other problem is that the gritters have been out again spraying the roads with salt and whatever else makes the spray from the road highly corrosive. I must look into the practicalities of moving somewhere warmer, we are lucky in Scotland to live in a country with spectacular scenery, wildlife and an amazing history but................ why does it have to have spectaculary shit weather ? Answers on a postcard please

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