Sunday, 11 April 2010

Super weather for Rogart

Well what a superb weekend that was, the sun came out to play and made all the difference, after months of cold weather we finally got some warmth. We headed to Blair Atholl on Friday to try out the new tent, reasonably easily put up which was good, like all tents though you only know how good it is when you get bad weather! We met a couple of Germans touring with an American friend from Chicago, he turned out to be a bit different in a rude kind of way, the barman had to tell him to stop abusing the staff and he left soon after. Not sure if was his age (70) or if he was always so rude, I did explain to his friends that they were going to be doing a lot of apologising for him this week if he continued with his attitude, the Scots can be rude enough and don't need lessons from anyone else!
It was bitterly cold overnight and the heat had lulled me into a false sense of security so no extra sleeping gear, the bikes were covered in frost and you could feel the cold coming through the sleeping bag, not good but bright sunshine on Saturday morning ensured a good mood anyway. A really nice run up the road to Rogart (around 50 miles North of Inverness) to meet up with the guys from the Tay Valley Norton club (and some friends) staying the night in a disused railway carriage, it's recomended, only £14 per person per night, comfortable and well kitted out. check out for details. Great to see everybody and a good night had by all at the pub. The run down the road was good with sunshine all the way, hopefully a taste of things to come.

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