Wednesday, 31 March 2021

Easter escape Spain 2018

Another wee video to try and give an escape from the drudgery, more photos than Videos but a reminder of the good times.

Glenquaich Guzzi movie

Last day of official Winter, wee run over Glenquaich, trying to avoid being mistaken for a deer!

Monday, 22 March 2021

Another braw day

 More essential shopping and wrong turns saw us in North Perthshire at the weekend, roads still quiet although more Motorhomes were spotted sneaking around. The Police were sneaking around and fined a few people for wild camping at Loch Tummel and breaking Covid rules. That is I suppose the stupidity of the great unwashed, they know the locals are pissed off with the mess the "wild campers" leave so heading there in the midst of lockdown is just plain stupid. I do hope the campsites will open up "normally" this year and take the pressure off the wild camping thing. I found out Portugal has banned wild camping as the Motorhome / Van thing was getting out of hand, providing there are sites open with showers and toilets people should be encouraged to use them in my opinion. Sometimes I think tourists forget that locals deserve a life also. 

This week saw 100 years pass since Carlo Guzzi, Giorgio Parodi and Angelo Parodi started the manufacturing of the famous marque in Mandello Del Lario where thankfully it has remained ever since. It only seemed right then to give the Guzzi another ride out!


Tea break
Phone break
It was a bit chilly though
Loch Tummel
Sunny, very unusual
Tea break again
First run on the Glen Quaich road this year
I love this view!

Monday, 15 March 2021

Taking the lead

 Another week in "lockdown" weather hasn't been too bad, sometimes even rising to 10 degrees C. So taking the lead from the recent football fans debacle (Hundreds of local fans two weeks ago and thousands of Rangers fans last week gathering, drinking, most with no masks) and the fact that I am confused on the exact rules and of course I could take the defence the First Minister has taken in her recent debacle (one of many debacles) if I am stopped I assume its ok to use the "I don't remember" defence?

Anyway Saturday was braw, cool and some more salt lashed on the roads which were in the main dry meant some exercise was required at an unknown location, great day out and quiet roads although we did spot the dreaded Motorhomes appearing, no doubt being brought out of hibernation waiting for the off so they can clutter up our roads and leave their shit everywhere.

I see Highland council are spending cash on building motorhome stopping places and improving toilets (maybe they are getting bigger trowls to bury the shit? ) Be good if ALL the councils spent some money on the roads, they are in a shocking state, I know they are strapped for cash and of course the priority must be diversity training and building unisex bogs in the council offices but some tarmac here and there wouldn't go amiss. I used to think Ireland had terrible roads but with EU cash they are now brilliant, then Romania the first time I went there the roads were shocking but hey ho they are pretty good now, I haven't been back to Ukraine to check on their progress roads wise but I'm pretty sure we are slowly getting to the top of the first world shit roads league. 


Queens view, Loch Tummel
Fiona warming her hands
Snow on thar hills
Exercise stop
Snow was gone last week, now its back on the high ground
Motorbikin.....cause I like it
Hopefully the last of the wintery views
Hill with Snow
Fiona with tea
Castle Menzies
Fiona checking if we are about to be overtaken by cyclists
This is the first time in 3 months this lochan hasn't been frozen over
Trying to be arty....and failing

We also went for a walk around the hermitage at Dunkeld another day, forgotten how nice this place is and the good news it was quiet. The A9 is an absolute pleasure just now (never thought I'd say that), traffic is very light and no stress. I was thinking, if this is "business" only travel then 80 -90% of the normal traffic must be tourist based in one way or another, the hospitality industry must be on its knees, hopefully it will all open up soon (although the A9 will be again a road to avoid)

This looked like a bear from a distance and I didn't have my Bear spray, luckily we don't have Bears (yet)
Waterfalls are always relaxing
Peaty water cascading down the rocks
Fiona checking out a potential house
A tad draughty though

Monday, 8 March 2021

Cool but Dry

Well that weekend was cooler but in the main the rain stayed away (maybe in Spain on the plain) things are slowly creeping along and as a cheer up photo look at these, 3 weeks apart, Saturday I was walking around the North Inch (One of Perth's parks) the golf course was more like a lake three weeks ago, now its drying up so the chaps and chapesses can hit small balls with their golf sticks to their hearts content. I believe it goes under the guise of exercise. 
Three weeks ago
The moon reflecting in the golf course

So as motorcycles also need exercise we did venture out for some shopping and once again got lost, I must get a map so I can find the shops easier! Some pics from the weekend and a gratuitous pic of my BSA for Eric!
Guzzi at rest

The stellar ER6 with Mrs R at rest

And again

Sunday, different location and roads not too mucky, plenty potholes though!

BSA on one of my rare rides on it, crashbars are no longer on, brakes are shocking which is why I don't use it more.