Monday, 22 March 2021

Another braw day

 More essential shopping and wrong turns saw us in North Perthshire at the weekend, roads still quiet although more Motorhomes were spotted sneaking around. The Police were sneaking around and fined a few people for wild camping at Loch Tummel and breaking Covid rules. That is I suppose the stupidity of the great unwashed, they know the locals are pissed off with the mess the "wild campers" leave so heading there in the midst of lockdown is just plain stupid. I do hope the campsites will open up "normally" this year and take the pressure off the wild camping thing. I found out Portugal has banned wild camping as the Motorhome / Van thing was getting out of hand, providing there are sites open with showers and toilets people should be encouraged to use them in my opinion. Sometimes I think tourists forget that locals deserve a life also. 

This week saw 100 years pass since Carlo Guzzi, Giorgio Parodi and Angelo Parodi started the manufacturing of the famous marque in Mandello Del Lario where thankfully it has remained ever since. It only seemed right then to give the Guzzi another ride out!


Tea break
Phone break
It was a bit chilly though
Loch Tummel
Sunny, very unusual
Tea break again
First run on the Glen Quaich road this year
I love this view!


  1. Problem is that I like wild camping, and have always left my site as good or better than when I arrived. Why should the responsible amongst us be prevented from responsible enjoyment of the great outdoors by the actions of drunken yobs from the cities?

  2. Because unfortunately the drunken yobs from the cities far outnumber the serious wild campers and therefore mean ALL wild campers will be tarred as undesirable, just as ALL motorcyclists were when I was younger, it took decades of education to level that playing field. And unfortunately in Scotland education isn't on any agenda under the current regime.

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