Monday, 8 March 2021

Cool but Dry

Well that weekend was cooler but in the main the rain stayed away (maybe in Spain on the plain) things are slowly creeping along and as a cheer up photo look at these, 3 weeks apart, Saturday I was walking around the North Inch (One of Perth's parks) the golf course was more like a lake three weeks ago, now its drying up so the chaps and chapesses can hit small balls with their golf sticks to their hearts content. I believe it goes under the guise of exercise. 
Three weeks ago
The moon reflecting in the golf course

So as motorcycles also need exercise we did venture out for some shopping and once again got lost, I must get a map so I can find the shops easier! Some pics from the weekend and a gratuitous pic of my BSA for Eric!
Guzzi at rest

The stellar ER6 with Mrs R at rest

And again

Sunday, different location and roads not too mucky, plenty potholes though!

BSA on one of my rare rides on it, crashbars are no longer on, brakes are shocking which is why I don't use it more.



  1. Ta for letting me see your Beeza Gino, That's what I call a motorbike.
    See you at the perty.

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