Wednesday 31 August 2022

Begonia 2022

 We set off on Thursday for the last Begonia Rally in Belgium, exited to see our friends we haven't seen due to Covid nonsense. I was on the Mk3 Commando and Fi took the new Guzzi to save me some stress. We took the boat from Newcastle to Ijmuiden and then down to the Rally just south of Staden. We stopped in Staden for a snack and to get our wits about us before the Rally but withing a few minutes our good friend Hessel appeared and so began a fantastic weekend of talking, catching up, retelling old stories and some new ones. It really was great to see everybody again and although there was an element of sadness because it was the last one we all spent the weekend laughing and smiling. Attendees came from Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK, France and Italy so as always it was an International event. Heartfelt thanks to the organisers who between them have kept the meeting going for 37 years, although the Begonia may be finished the group who are regular attendees will in no doubt get together in a field somewhere in Europe in future. As I have often said a motorcycling friend is a friend for life and I am so happy for that.

Enough of my ramblings, enjoy the pics, mostly Nortons for which I make no apology, I will put together a video so there will be no escape!


Mk3 Commando ready to go
Guzzi ready to go
Newcastle, boat loaded quickly
Arriving in Holland, always seems to be wet
Expensive Fuel stop (Belgium is cheaper)
Hessels bike, as always still going strong
Our Neighbours
Hans taking photos as always
Nice Cafe racer
Interesting tank bag mount
Big tank bag
My bike still looking clean
Ian poses for the camera
Richards 961
Our ex chairmans Tim Commando
Hans chatting with Max who normally brings his Manx
Nancy's 500t
Hans's Inter
Model 16
Triumph giving issues
Michel from Bordeaux's bike
I like the red
Micheal making a new friend
Classic luggage
A very trick bike 
Special swinging arm
Will it go
A regular attender
Car park scene
Jan has a similar outlook to me on the new Nortons
Richards prize winning bike
More bikes
And more
Luciano's Commando
With very cool engraving, he lives near Venice
Commandos and Guzzi
Paul's tasty production racer
BSA Interloper
And another
our Marshals for the run
Jan sleeping it looks like

Nice Fastback
Bennie lining up for first kick competition
Competition time
The last 2, Geerts Commando and Han's Inter
Single winner
Geert wins for the twins
Winners congratulations 
Hans almost happy
The London boys
Richard, Fiona, Marc and Ian
Geert and I 
London chaps on the beer
Heading home
Interesting Hotel, its a converted water tower, lucky it had a lift
Heading into Newcastle
And its goodnight from us!