Monday, 24 January 2022

Amazingly mild

 This January has been a bit of a revelation, very mild, little in the way of frost or rain and in a way it has lifted a bit of the doom and gloom of the last couple of years. A couple of years where no decent long term plans could be made, trips cancelled, trips put on hold and worse, virtual imprisonment by power hungry politicians reveling in their own self importance and five minutes of fame. So to have opportunities to get out on our bikes in January has certainly lifted the spirits, motorcycling always lifts the spirits it gives you a sense of freedom and well being that only other motorcyclists would understand. On our wee trips around Perthshire this weekend it only brought home how ridiculous most of the draconian rules imposed on our population were. Don't travel more than 5 miles from home then "stay within your local area" what utter bollocks.

It also reiterated the fact that we are so lucky to live in this corner of the world where within minutes you can escape to the country and enjoy the pleasures of nature on our doorstep, watching beams of light forcing their way through gaps in the clouds and lighting up the countryside, simple pleasures that make you feel good to be alive. The rural roads though are tricky just now, lack of rain (not a complaint) has meant many parts of the roads now resemble a ploughed field so if you are out there be careful.

Winter certainly isn't over yet but thankfully these little respites make it all so much more bearable. Lets all look forward to a wonderful motorcycling year with endless sunshine and empty roads (well maybe a bit hopeful with the empty roads thing). 

Nice backdrop
The sky was a bit bleak here so we just kept heading where we could see blue skies
Sunshine at Kinkell bridge
Loch Leven and Kinross in the background
Occasional sunshine
A happy motorcyclist
Cup of tea stop
It was cool in the shade!
Sunday overlooking the Tay
Brunch at Rait, free range eggs
Stopped for a pic and glad we were on bikes with engines as we watched this guy struggle up the long hill