Tuesday 17 August 2021

Scottish Guzzi Club Lunch

For the first time since the virus hit we had a Guzzi club lunch, organised by George Ogg from Edinburgh at the Lobster Pot in Blackness on the shores of the Forth which is also next to Blackness Castle and which I believe was used in the series Outlander. I was on the Mk3 Le Mans again, I rarely get to use it these days as Fiona blags it more often than not but she was Jackal mounted on this occasion. As we wobbled (at speed) down Perthshire's roads towards Clackmanan we came across a group of Classic Fords being driven in the opposite direction, mainly 70's and 80's but at least one from the 50's. For a split moment I felt we had been transported back in time, back in time to a much simpler life, a time when there were less choices and no Stasi type control on our day to day lives, a time when we could travel without hindrance and it was even possible to get a European type "passport" at the Post office for £3. That warm feeling was soon shattered though and here we are riding  old (37 years) and not so old (18 years)   bikes in 2021 on potholed roads which are overfilled with cars which nowadays nobody seems to own. That aside it was a braw run despite having to go through the industrial site at Kincardine which supplies our Petrol, hooray for Petrol, boo to E10, the cost of enjoying our hobby has risen thanks to the Governments obsession with dicking about and experimenting trying to find the golden bullet that will let them off the climate hook but slightly more expensive petrol is a price well worth paying to keep our older bikes on the road in my opinion.

It was great to meet up with everyone again, friends who some of which I hadn't seen for a while, it felt almost normal but of course our government dictates as soon as you stand up you must wear a mask, we all know the virus is devilish clever and only transmits whilst standing up, we are so lucky to have such clever people controlling our lives and curtailing our freedoms. 
Anyway back to motorcycling, the Mk3 Le Mans is in my opinion a very usable bike, capable of sitting at high motorway speeds without complaint and great fun on the twisties, good brakes and not a "mode" in sight and once again it was great fun to experience.

After we had eaten there was much nonsense talked in the sunshine and the rain stayed away, not a bad way to spend a Sunday, not bad at all, thanks to George for organising it and Ian for coordinating a fine day oot!

Ian Buchanan arrives
Ian MacKay's nice Griso in 80's BT colours
Mk2 Le Mans
Mk1 Le Mans
Georges V7 Sport
Good to see Amy and Eric on the outfit which is now running happily again
THE bike
Cath's T3 (ish)
The Lobster Pot
Mk3  and Jackal at rest
Great turnout
Well its a v twin so no criticism for turning up on an HRD
Post Lunch blether
Blackness Castle
Jakes second Falcone, nice to see it out
More nonsense being talked, a braw day indeed

Thursday 5 August 2021

Strontian Video

 Just thought i'd post this here in case any of you missed it, wee video of our weekend, enjoy!


Monday 2 August 2021

Norton meeting in Strontian

A long overdue camping weekend for the guys and girls from the Tay Valley Norton club, Alex was out of hibernation for the first time in almost two years and it was great to see everyone and listen to the stories Normality is creeping back but what  normality will look like I'm not sure. Alex met us at Perth and we had a damp run to Tyndrum where we stopped for lunch. A chap asked about our Nortons and said he worked for Les Emery when he first started up for around five years and had a Commando that Pete Lovell had converted to 920, this was small world number one. As we were having lunch Al Fresco (It was drying up and the sun came out) a couple of guys came over from the Green Welly and were scrutinising the Nortons,"just buy one" I shouted and the younger of the two replied he had one, he then said he recognised us from some of the nonsense we posted on the web, sorry I didn't get his name but it was funny we all knew Tam Bradley, small world number two. We arrived and set camp, actually we had a cabin so didn't set very much except the kettle to have a cup of tea. The chaps arrived and a nice evening was had in the Strontian Hotel.

Saturday arrived which was good as it had followed Friday and if it hadn't then the world would have been out of kilter, a lazy breakfast at the Cafe then a group of us had a run to Arisaig which was stunning. Whilst we basked in the sunshine a family approached us and the lady said her late Father had a Commando which was still in the family and which they cherished in memory of her Dad, seemingly a very late build mk2A by the sound of it, her Dad knew someone who worked in the factory and built it from parts when he was made redundant. We gave some advice on long term storage and I resisted the temptation  to offer to buy it, this was small world number three and proves you are never alone on a Norton! 

Some change of personnel on Saturday, Keith Burdon left and Brother John, Lesley and Tim arrived. Tim was on a nice N15 which sadly I never photographed but I do have some video of it. Saturday night passed again too quickly and we were up early the following day for the run home. Brilliant weekend which I thoroughly enjoyed and thanks to all for coming along.

Nortons at rest
Note waterproofs are on, its not always sunny
Tay Valley Camping section erecting tents
Alans nice mk3
Phil and his trusty Commando
The bay on Saturday night
Serious talk
Alex in full flow
Keith's Interpol Saturday morning ready for the off
Jim's Commando
Unusual to see a mostly unmolested Interpol
Deep Conversation
Our bikes outside our shed
Arisaig sunshine
Looking over to Skye
Nortons in the sun
Ready for the off
Me caught in listening mode
Tim, John and Lesley
Dramatic shot waiting on the ferry