Monday 13 August 2018

Hoolets late post

I recently got a new phone and have been experimenting with updating the blog from it, so far failure, the Blogger app is worse than useless, anyhoo back to bikes and stuff. Thanks to Bert and Laurenne for hosting the annual Hoolets party, a great time was had by all. Plenty nice bikes (mostly owned by our hosts!) Plenty alcohol, what's not to like, photos tell the story...

Tall tales?
Ed's Triumph
More chat 
Liz blethering 
Rabs Norton
Daves Guzzi

Sunday 12 August 2018

Arbroath Smokie Gathering

After a long hot spell Eric organised some damp, cold and wet weather for the Smokie Gathering. I did have reservations about venturing out on such a wet day but Fiona is made of sterner stuff and got me to get my arse and Guzzi into gear. David T was a late arrival and due to the inclement weather there were less bikes than normal however still a good eclectic mix of people and motorcycles. Jake was the final arrival on his Hardley Davidthing and his increasingly unkempt facial hair, we left him and David to discuss the latecomers award. At the end of the day of the what else would you do on a Sunday if you were not wearing out your motorcycle.

Guzzi dirty again
Big Pussy
Eric's Triumph and small pussy
Small block Guzzi
Smokey Joe
Interesting engineering.