Tuesday 27 June 2017

Ardnamurchan Norton weekend

The 23rd of June is a special day, not only did the battle of Bannockburn start on this day but its also the anniversary of my 21st birthday so what better way to spend it but in company of friends and the Norton Club in Ardnamurchan. A wet and windy run most of the way and colder than of late which wasn't good but an enjoyable hurl up the road anyway. Our destination was Sunart camping at Strontian, an excellent site with great facilities and Tim the owner is also a keen motorcyclist, I can't recommend it highly enough.. A good turnout, Friday evening in the bar and an early bath for me due to peaking too early although judging by the faces on Saturday I suspect there was overindulgence amogst some of the others. Saturday some went for a run but it was pissing down so we just wandered around the area and talked nonsense which was great. Saturday evening the girls organised a BBQ at the campsite which was excellent and with the assistance of some whisky the evening went very well. A great bunch of people and great banter all round. Sunday raining (of course) and to be honest the first part of the run as far as Lix Toll I felt wobbly, some days you get on the bike and it doesn't flow, luckily it doesn't happen often, this was not helped by passing an accident just North of Onich and then riding through Glencoe which is full of tourists braking suddenly to ooh and aah at the scenery (Feckwits!!!!) However by Lix Toll life was good again and we had a splendid dry run home for part 2. Thanks to all for making it a great weekend!
Clean, loaded and ready to go
Stop for a heat and a cuppa at the Green Welly
Ferry crossing makes it feel like a real holiday
Jim's Commando (Not Fiona's)
Fiona's Commando and my 70 roadster
Phils faithful steed
Even in the rain its nice
I predict a fryup, hillarious
Twa craws sat upon the wa!
Twa windswept fowk sittin on a wa!
They make whisky out of this water you know
In the bothy at Sunart, braw
Laurenne in control of the cooking
Anne helping
Fiona tasting!
Good craic
Plenty whisky
Phil and Jim discussing which is the best polish!

Sunday 18 June 2017

Grand day oot

Surprisingly warm today and no rain, a most unusual kind of weather for us here in Scotland, Martin visited us this morning and I was surprised to see he hadn't brought the West coast rain with him. Off we set for a bimble around the borders, Fi riding the Commando for the first time this year. In Peebles I spotted two Nortons on the pavement, It happened to be Bill and Campbell from Aberdeen returning from a Norton do in Northumberland, Bills Atlas decided to go sick. Some poking and hoping and we managed to get it running but not sure for how long as we hadn't really identified the issue, anyway was glad to be of some help.
Riding down and then along by St Mary's Loch we spotted George Martin on his pushbike (too tight to put petrol in his Triumph or BSA I think) we stopped for a blether and then he joined us at the cafe for further blethering. Plenty bikes in evidence here. A jaunt then over to Meggat Dam and then to Biggar for another stop for tea (you can't have enough tea on a warm Summers day) we said goodbye to Martin and eventually we wobbled home. A great day out with both Nortons running great, Fi getting about 20mpg than me which is annoying but I put it down to the fact I'm twice the size and she has a fairing.
Nortons being worked on!
Fi happy with the Commando
Martin happy with his ER6 (George pedaling furiously )
Tea stop
George and Fi
This is a nice view but glad Fi stopped where she did as its a bit of a drop!
Martin happy with the run I think

Thursday 8 June 2017

On the road again

Fi spotted a link on Faceboak for a cafe racer meeting at South Queensferry on Friday so we went along to see what the fuss was about, en route we met a guy on a nice Suzuki cafe racer who asked if we were going, hmmm I thought , this could be busy. In the end it wasn't, some nice bikes but not many cafe racers, great to meet up with the Aberfeldy boys including Geoff Mumford and Mooner, they came down mob handed. Also met Monica a colleague of Fi's and educated her in the ways of motorcycle life. Strangely met up with more people from my past also, funny how things turn out.
Nice GT500 cafe racer (and loud!) Fi's choice of bike for the night behind
Geoff's Harris, nice and ripe for a sidecar!!!
Icons of British design
Katana and Kawa
Old airhead from the days when BMW nmeant quality
New Norton Dommi from the days when ........ oh never mind
Mildly racerised airhead
A brace of Nortons from the mighty Tay Valley NOC no less

Saturday we had a NOC weekend at Fort Augustus, I took the Commando and Fi took the Honda, funny we set off in summer gear but by the time we had passed the tourist hellhole of Bruar It turned cold so waterproofs were donned. When we stopped at Dalwhinnie for fuel the rain couldn't have been heavier so a stop for tea and some food was called for. The rain stopped as soon as we got into the cafe (of course) and started again as soon as we left (of course).
The roads cleared up though and we had a great run all the way along the Laggan road to just south of Fort Augustus when we got stuck behind some traffic, luckily the swing bridge was closed to let a huge ship through so we jumped to the start of the queue followed I noticed by another bike. As we turned of into the campsite it followed us and when we stopped it was none other than Geoff Mumford again! along with Heather out for a run, twice in a weekend, coincidence or what!
The Norton meeting was a quiet affair (quieter because of David forgetting the tent poles and therefore having to spend the equivalent of a small African country's GDP on a hotel to make things right with Anne!) but good craic and luckily we didn't get into the Legion after the pub closed so it was a reasonable head that greeted me Sunday.
Bert was masterchef for breakfast and after a while shooting the shit we all went our separate ways, another great weekend and really enjoyed the Norton but why did it have to rain on the way home as well????

Rain at Dalwhinnie
Fi still smiling
Phil's Norton (of course)
Jim's Norton
Bert serving Ewan
Any more before I close?