Sunday 27 December 2020

Monday 21 December 2020

Happy Christmas and hopefully a more normal New Year!

 As we face a winter of discontent I thought I'd cheer myself up and hopefully some of the readers by dragging out some photos from our 2008 trip to Romania, David T and I on Commandos (proving Classic bikes can be a viable alternative to adventure bikes or worse, a van) .

Today the French are stopping movement across the Border which is quite depressing, the virus is mutating so its all a bit shit for everyone, mind you I have seen people mutating after too much alcohol and that too is dangerous.

I hope despite the constant barrage of doom and gloom you can all raise a glass at Christmas (and New Year) and any day in between to remember absent friends who for whatever reason never got to enjoy old age, those that are enjoying older age, keep it up, keep riding your bike and planning the journeys, its never been more important!

The Romania trip was conceived in the Winter of 2008 and David decided to join us, he left a couple of days earlier than us and enjoyed sunshine all the way, we enjoyed pissing rain until we met David in Slovenia then it was great after that. En route to Slovenia Fi and I had a coming together which needed repairs to both bikes, luckily near our friends Tomas and Andrea's house in Germany. From Germany we headed to Austria, Slovenia to meet David, Croatia to meet the worst biting insects ever, Bosnia to meet suspicious people, Serbia to meet very grumpy border guards and then Romania to meet most of the people who now live in the UK.......

Pictures as always, better than my narrative

Tomas fixing

Gino Drinking

Fiona smiling

Slovenian border

Nice scenery in the mountains

David preparing his breakfast

Croatian border, issues with a sticking throttle

Sun is out so a happy Fiona

Camping at "The Swamp"

Memories of the recent conflict

Had to get the Nortons in the picture


Timasoara Romania

Looks nice but the most horrendous toilet facilities

Camping with a girl we met from Northumberland


Transfargarasen pass

B&B in the mountains

Draculas castle overlooking my Norton in Brasov


Wednesday 16 December 2020

Denver 2012

 Back in a time when you could travel the world freely, before we became victims of the new world reset, we spent some time in Denver with our friends Peter and Micky Allen and were joined by Fi's mum and dad who came out to visit us. 

Peter rode his HRD 500 to the local classic club meet and I joined him on the BMW, Fiona chauffered her mum and dad into town and a great time was had by all, sunshine, old bikes and beer, what could be better?

Peter had just finished putting a new cylinder head on the bike that day, I thought it would be a gentle ride into town but it wasn't, the poor Vincent got a good Thrashing, the following day we rode to the top of Mount Evans with some friends, over 14,000 feet and there is a two lane road all the way to the top, we can't even manage to keep the "rest and be thankful" open when it rains! To put it in context the Bealach na Ba is just over 2000 feet! Think on.......

The early arrivals

Fi and her mum in the bar along with Peter (no surprise)

Nice old Honda and Hinkley Triumph

Triumph T140

Peters Vincent leaving its mark on the pavement

This looked cool

Bug eye

Another Hinkley

Nice place to have a meeting

Top of mount Evans

Stunning view

Peter and I at the top

Tuesday 1 December 2020

More memories

 Since the nights "are fair drawing in" and its turned very cold (Ice at the weekend) the bikes sadly never turned a wheel last weekend. Good news is the Mk1 Le Mans is coming along and hopefully very soon will be ready to enjoy in 2021.

The virus still blights our lives but try to ignore it and get on with your lives as safely as possible, today a look back at the Kilmac / IOM trip in 2012, a time when pubs were open, you could enjoy a meal and a drink and politicians were totally ignored for being the bunch of self serving halfwits they really are.

Heres looking forward to 2021, sunny days, good company and old motorbikes and maybe an ale by a roadside tavern......

These are in no particular order

Fi mastering the kickstarting of Peters Vincent

Top of the Healey Pass with Alex

Panoramic view

A bunch of reprobates at the tip of the Beara Peninsula, a Scotsman Irishman and American walk into a bar 

Ready for the off

Fiona, Alex and Sandy waiting for the ferry

On the pier at Kilmac, Guy Boffe from Belgium chatting to Sandy
More nonsense being talked, beer being taken

Peters Vincent which later emigrated to the USA to be with its owner
Martins Dresda 

All hands on the BSA

At MacCarthys bar

Fi's Commando looking good
Our host Martin Connachy giving us a talk (on what I'm not sure)

Marc Connoly's Summerfield Manx 

Heading back for the ferry to the IOM


Back to the future anyone?

Slippery Sam

Copy (I think) of Mick Grants Kawasaki

Don't trudge it, Rudge it the saying used to go

Mint z900