Sunday 17 February 2019

Capper Rally

February as always brings the Capper Rally, a meeting of like minded lunatics who don't mind camping in February, funnily enough this year it was almost tropical. We took the sidecar down with a for sale sign in an effort to advertise it and of course because its great fun, a pit stop at South Queensferry for lunch at "The Picnic Cafe" owned by nice Italians, we had to explain why we'd been missing for a while due to our house move and the fact its now a 100 mile round trip and not on particularly interesting roads. In the year since we last visited it has now got a real Italian theme and is highly recommended, still sells bacon rolls wi broon sauce if you don't fancy going Mediterranean.
Down to the rally site just south of Edinburgh and sad to say none of our usual drinking companions were there but it gave us a chance to blether and get to know new people, even managed a great chat with John a fellow Commando owner so we passed a while moaning about the same things. Geoff Mumford made a surprise but brief appearance on his newly rebuilt Harris Suzuki but refused to be drawn into alcohol. A great night just talking bike nonsense with like minded people, what else would you do on a Saturday night.
Stunning morning on Sunday, I sat outside my dry tent drinking tea and reflecting on the meaning of life, I concluded most of it revolved around two wheels, another surprise visit from Bert and Laurenne for a brief chat before we headed back home, as we got to the bypass it started raining a bit and the wind got up but neither of us really cared it was a braw weekend.

Sidecar at an iconic bridge site
After the bacon roll, did i mention the outfit is for sale? 
Fiona looking pleased with herself
Fellow bike mados
Final checks to our hoose for the night
well used BMW
Who is this mystery man?
Geoff Mumford esquire, tea drinker and sober person
Kevin grabbing 5
Steve obviously talking nonsense as Joanne laughs
Kevin recovered from his nap..

Wednesday 13 February 2019

Sidecar back in service

So once again we have decided to try and sell the sidecar, we both really enjoy it but as I found out last Friday at its yearly MOT we only did 400 miles in it last year. The winter hasn't been too bad and its allowed us to get out on the solos, even the Norton has been out a few times this winter. Last Friday we were both off so popped up to Cherrybank garage for its MOT, the rain couldn't be coming down any harder which as any motorcyclist will testify is normal when you take your clean bike out for its annual test! The good thing is its probably a 4 mile round trip now as opposed to the 100 + mile round trip when we lived in Edinburgh.
Monday we both had the day off also and despite the temperatures being just above zero it was dry and sunny so we headed down to Rait to give it a short outing, a brunch stop at the Tufted duck was as usual excellent, it's great when you find a cafe that sells good food with a smile, a hearty welcome and at reasonable prices and more importantly thats consistently open even during the winter months.
A splendid wobble back amongst Perthshire's fine small roads, the surface still white with frost would have had you steering with the cheeks of your backside but on the outfit was great fun. We had an appointment later in the afternoon so our run was by necessity short, however what a lift to the spirits.
The days are starting to stretch out now so looking forward to enjoying wearing out even more motorcycles, we have a rally (a camping weekend) coming up, really looking forward to getting back to camping even if it is still winter. I suppose thats the great thing about being a motorcyclist, it gets you through the long dark days just planning sunny (and even wet) trips in your head.
Apologies for the distinct lack of blog updates recently but I'm pretty sure you don't want to read about my latest hairstyle, what I had for my dinner or what colour I painted the bedroom.
Some exiting news is that we are currently planning an epic 6 months trip in 2020 all going to plan so next year there should be no end of nonsense to blog about..... stay tuned

Sidecar in Perthshire
For Sale, the sidecar not Fiona
The Fair City
Upon the hill, there stood a Coo
Artistic by Fiona
The view from the Tufted Duck