I'll post on here people who help out or provide good service on route;
To start with;
Alex Dickson, for his invaluable help with the bikes and transport (and for being "base camp" while we are away!)
Martin Connachy from Cabrini corporate Clothing Cork for embroidered T shirts
For help with some discount on spares and supplying the bikes at a good price to start with

Thanks to Scottoiler for fitting the oilers FOC and helping with oil and advice

Thanks to Arthur for providing some useful parts to take along


  1. Gino your more than welcome as a friemds of my bruvs least i can do...all the best Arthur

  2. Great picture hope you're all well and enjoying a proper cup of tea too ? . All good here looking forward to seeing you soon ? . Gavin

    1. Hi Gavin, all well here, usual bike issues of course, kept sane by good tea & whisky . Looking forward to tea & tastiest early November if all goes to plan
      Regards to all
      Gino & Fiona