Tuesday 26 April 2022

Classic club Meet

 Well another good weekend and the rain stayed away which is good, Sunday a smallish run on the disgraced BMW after last weeks mishap, a new battery sorted it out. The Motobatt battery which I run on the BMW's are good but there is a problem, after a while and after a few tightening up of the terminals they develop a fault, I've seen a couple of times now, the first time in Tijuana  in Mexico and then again in the smokey mountains of Virginia and now in Perth Tesco. The taking off of the battery a few times and the constant tightening   up of the battery seems to cause a fault in the internal parts which although leave the battery able to look live it doesn't seem to produce enough current, Anyhow a new battery and glad to say both bikes were trouble free.

Sunday and a run to Yetts of Muchart for the Classic club, a great run there and back on the small  roads and a amazing turnout, a fair few modern bikes but one day they may  decide to get into the classic scene and at the end end of day we are are motorcyclists together no matter what you drive anyway. Great to see so many old friends and blether somewhat briefly to a lot of them, some times I feel these meetings are a bit like speed dating (not that i'd know) but I've found if you don't try to get round as many people you can you miss someone, I still unfortunately managed to miss a few , sorry I'll get you the next time.

Great Bikes and in the main fantastic and friendly and people, let keep it that way. we were lucky to spot some photographers of the way home waiting home waiting for a steam train, well worth a wait for a photo.


BMW behaving
Me Behaving
Nice z1000
Jakes Falcone
Nice Ariel
Quite a few Ariels on the day
BMW outfit
Very tidy
Johns Commando

Suzuki GS 1000s
Nice LC
Plenty to see
a great selection
Davids Commando 
New interceptor alongside classics
I liked this one
And this
Alans Commando with his pal down from Inverness on this functional but not Bling Commando 
Bikes everywhere
Very nice GT 750
Another bike coning in
Frasers very nice BSA
Main Road was busy
And again
George Nice Scott
Davy mounting up
Old Bikes and older train

Monday 18 April 2022

Easter Weekend

Even though there were many other things goings on the weekend we still managed to get out and enjoy ourselves. Trying to get used to the MK3 Lemans again, so much though that I ran onto reserve in the Sma Glen, newbie mistake not soon after leaving the house. Luckily it has a useful reserve and easily got us to Aberfeldy where the fuel wasn't insane, only a penny more than Perth and super unleaded to boot! And a brief meeting with Heather who wandered through on her dinner break.

A run around Tummel bridge and back down through Feldy and back to the Sma glen to home, about 120 miles so it was well worth it.

Saturday a brief run of the BMW's , very brief , broke down at TESCO a whole 1.4 miles away, battery problems so that was abandoned for the day. 

Out on the LeMans on Sunday for another run round some of Perthshires finest and to take more photos of Easter Lambs (Fiona took them)

Monday a wee run on the Nortons just to make sure  they are running right and I have to say they are. Unusual to not be away for Easter but we had a marvelous time any how, may even make it a habit, the sun shone and that's not a bad thing. 

Fuel, oops
A favorite stop
Cool bikes
Me Lounging drinking tea
Fiona get on with her bike just fine
Easter Lambs
And again
Bikes still looking good
Feeding time
Stopped for tea
Mondays, must be Norton day
Nice bikes
Stopped for tea
Last of the summer wine
Tea time again