Sunday 28 March 2010


So six miles from home in torrential rain the Norton got fed up and decided to become a 414cc single instead of a twin. It got me home with some stress on my part, anticipating traffic lights and roundabouts to avoid slipping the clutch. It appears the left plug lead is the culprit, easily fixed after the rain had stopped. Oh and I remembered where the Guzzi keys were, the first day of Summer, hopefully not an omen!

What a day!

Started off getting the guzzi out this morning to give it a run. First i couldn't find my keys so got the spares. The spare key did nothing the dash was asking for a code. What bloody code? Very stressful so got good old mvd out. No electronics no bullshit kick then it goes. So the norton saves the day again. Now the rain has started. Good job the norton is waterproof .

Rally weekend.

This weekend was the re run of the bein snowing rally which was postponed from january because funnily enough it had been snowing. We had a short run around Fife first basically to keep us off the drink for a while. The ladies pictured outside the bike shop in cupar above. Really nice day on saturday and quite warm although the roads are still a mess. Ian won best bike award and mvd won the oldest bike which was confusing as Bert Mccall was on his 37 indian, anyway no point in arguing. A great weekend although a tad cold overnight, a nice healthy frost keeping the bugs at bay.

Sunday 21 March 2010

Rally weekend.

This weekend saw the re-run of the Bein Snowing rally which was postponed from January because funnily enough it had been snowing. We had a short run around Fife first basically to keep us off the drink for a while. The ladies pictured outside the bike shop in Cupar above. Really nice day on Saturday and quite warm although the roads are still a mess with piles of salt and sand making navigation tricky sometimes. Ian won best bike award with his Kawasaki (again)and MVD won the oldest bike which was confusing as Bert Mccall was on his 37 indian, anyway no point in arguing. A great weekend although a tad cold overnight, a nice healthy frost keeping the bugs at bay.

Friday 19 March 2010

Mot time again.

So the yellow commando ready for it's mot test. Pretty windy today, i could actually feel the gusts slowing me down. Anyway as always some stress, as i arrived at the testing station i noticed my brake light switch is falling apart. I've stuck it together in the hope it passes. Then. I've to drop off the bike at the motorcycle show for the weekend.

Sunday 14 March 2010

Sunshine for Norton meeting

Well that was a good weekend, sunshine and actual heat getting through the bike gear. The Norton meeting at the Killin Hotel was very pleasant and thanks to all that turned up, no less than five Commando's (myself, Phil , John H, Hector and Peter) George on his Rotary and Sandy on his 500 Machless made up the classic contingent with the rest of the merry band taking attendance up to 14. As we all assembled a Rescue Helecopter landed so that the crew could have their Lunch, their break was cut short though as they got a call to go airlift a climber off Ben Nevis. All exciting stuff, a nice day out and a good blether was the order of the day, the roads still very dirty with salt and sand but it felt great to be back out there on the Commando after this exceptionally long winter!

MVD at rest for Saturday evening!

Something funny about Sandy's Matchless perhaps?

Just in case you forgot the weekend started with my Fastback passing its annual inspection!

Friday 12 March 2010

It Passed

Well after a nervous wait listening to the "old rugged cross" and "All things bright and Beautiful" being hummed and the chorus being sung by my fellow diners I went back to the Bike shop to be told they had just finished and the Fastback had passed Woo Hoo, one less hassle! The run back confirmed the low gearing, at 70mph it's screaming (the rev counter isn't working but I can tell!) its head off, I like a Commando to lope along at 4000 revs at 70 (or less) there's a sweet spot at around 4200 revs, above that I have a mental vision of those pistons and that huge Iron Crank complaining. I will change the Gearbox sprocket probably just to a 20 or 21, that'll ease it off a bit but still give it the oomph for the back roads. All in all quite pleased with it, next job primary cover off, sort out the gearing and the clutch, sort out the carb settings and then enjoy it until something breaks. Norton meeting at Killin Hotel on Sunday but I think MVD will be pulled out for that, matter of fact I'm just away to try to start it and check it over. Norton ownership means no time off for good behaviour!

Mot time nerves.

Well the latest aquisition has had a week of maintenance and yesterday after getting the Guzzi Breva mot'd I got this 71 fastback I picked up last Friday started. Its the first time in two years its been strted. So today I thought I'd chance a visit to the MOT station. The 12 miles to the testing station have been interesting, the crank has allegedly been balanced and I suspect as a result the isolastics have been shimmed quite tight so it has the interesting effect of the vibration inducing treble vision between 30 and 60 mph. It obviously has the 19 tooth gearbox sprocket fitted which is quite frantic and the clutch is dragging when hot. At the end of the day minor hassles and easily fixed. Quite pleased with it despite the drum brakes! I'm now nervously waiting in a cafe for the mot result. This cafe is nice with a good cheap menu and obviously run by the church. Hymns on the music system and the two other customers humming along with the tunes. Maybe its a message from god. . . .

Saturday 6 March 2010

Beautiful day

Now at the top of the bealach suprised that most of the snow has gone now. Its been the first time that i've seem some of these huge Lochs frozen over coming up here some of the scenes were what i'd imagine the ice age to look like.

Friday 5 March 2010

Still winter in the north.

Heading north for the weekend the snow must have been bad here last week. Loch laggan seem in the picture frozen over. The first time i've seen that.

Monday 1 March 2010

The Thistle Rally

The last weekend in February is the traditonal date for the Thistle rally, held in the Scottish Borders. The severe weather in many places kept the attendance down, I estimate only 100 bikes turned up and a worrying amount of cars also. I know its difficult for organisers but this is a bike rally for gods sake. People turning up in cars belittles the efforts of the motorcyclists who make the effort. Impressive efforts as well with Denmark and Holland represented, the longest distance travelled was 700 miles, which considering the weather in the UK and Europe is very impressive (or mental!)
The run down for us was cold, very cold with my hands stinging after only a short distance, the snow at the side of the road as we turned off the Edinburgh Bypass and down the 702 was worryingly high and the deep slush in the middle of the road indicated only recent road clearing. As we approached Biggar the snow dissapeared in the main apart from sme sleet blowing through and when we arrived at the campsite the snow was mainly gone thankfully. Once the tents were up we did the usual, stand around in a cold muddy field until the temperature drop with dusk forced us inside to partake of beer , whisky and food! Interesting display of garments worn by some of the ladies (and the 6 foot tall bloke with the mini skirt!)
A good night was had by all and luckily I slept through the 8am blizzard, when i did get up around 10 the snow thankfully had dissapeared again. A cold run home again and so glad for a heat up back at the house. This is Monday and I'm glad to say my hangover has subsided!

Standing around in a muddy cold field!

Bob and Kate doing the tent ritual

Bikes at Biggar, looks cold even now!