Friday 31 December 2010

Last run of 2010

The weather gods were kind to me today and allowed me out for the final run of the year. I took the 750 roadster only because it was nearest the garage door and it started. Good choice anyway, the roads were ok but when on the back roads it was a bit wet as the melting snow caused puddles everywhere. Stopped in peebles to blag a cup of tea from George Martin. Good run and not too much salt on the roads so an easy clean when I got home. Lets see what 2011 brings.

Monday 27 December 2010


Well at long last we managed a run on the bikes, the temperature got up as far as 3 degrees centigrade which is at least 10 degrees warmer than most of this week. Still had to negotiate snow and ice in our street and in the petrol station but the main roads were clear. It felt great to be a motorcyclist again out there with the wind in my face. Funny the civilians are out in force today clogging up the roads and shops, crazy people! One thing was obvious though there is next to no salt on the roads, the bikes in the winter are normally thick with salt after the run we have just been on, today they were no dirtier than a wet summers day. Just proves that all of the council's and the highway departments are lying about what they're doing to keep the roads safe. If it freezes tonight then the roads will be like skating rinks tomorrow. I'm not sure whats going on but the salt certainly isn't out there. The pavements are still a disgrace which means people are walkling on the roads making it even more dangerous than normal. Its a big cover up I reckon and the bottom line is to save money but the expense will be peoples lives!

Saturday 25 December 2010

Merry Christmas

Well instead of moaning I'm making this positive, hope all of you have a great day today. I thought I'd post some pics from our Summer trip to France, Spain and Ibiza to remind ourselves that it can be hot and pleasant.
No bike activity today obviously, just eating and I suppose some partaking of wine and whisky.
Enjoy yourselves and think ahead to the Spring, get out there and fufill your dreams before you end up in an old peoples home not even able to remember what your dreams and ambitions were.

Thursday 23 December 2010

Almost Summer

Now we're passed the shortest day it must be nearly summer, right? Well not if I look outside, the road in our street is still full of hard packed snow on an Ice base and there's been no snow for days, The street where my mother stays is the same. It would appear that the councils and road agencies may be running out of salt, not sure why because there isn't much sign of salt on the roads which is why the roads in ths country are still a disgrace. Just about to pick my daughter up from the Airport (she studies in London and is coming home for Christmas) she is leaving from Stanstead, just as well its not Heathrow because it appears Heathrow, the main air hub for the UK and Europe is still suffering because of the weather! They had 3 inches of snow for gods sake! The chief exec of BAA who operate Heathrow has said he won't take his bonus this year, Bonus!!! Bonus!!! I'd sack him never mind no bonus. Funny how the heads of all the companies who at the end of the day are the people in power and who sack workers to boost the "bottom line" are totally immune from being sacked themselves for their short sightedness and ignorance, they also suffer from a major lack of self respect. Vince Cable our government minister who was flirting with some very young journalists is also showing a severe lack of self respect at the moment, clinging onto power despite the fact the Liberals were NOT elected to govern this country.
Also answer me this, why is it a bankrupt country (Spain) controls so many of our major UK companies?, the profits go back to Spain, the job losses and incompetence to run services normally stay in the UK.
Rant over, I feel better now, is Summer here yet?

Tuesday 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Today is our winter solstice, the shortest day or the longest night whichever you prefer. This morning it coincided with a Lunar eclipse, strangely I was quite excited about this (probably desperation because of the lack of motorcycle activity) so I was up before 6.30am to watch it, luckily it was a clear morning but just as the eclipse got interesting a cloud started to move in so I missed the effect. I got the two photos above showing the beginning of it anyway.
The bad news is that its been worse than minus ten Centigrade for the last couple of days (actually -13 in the car last night heading to Edinburgh) The good news is to days the shortest day woo hoo, that means that summer is on its way (ok well maybe a long way off but on its way nonetheless)so we can look forward to that all important daylight starting to stretch out, always a turning point for me.
We have a rally in three weeks, all I ask is that the daytime temperatures can get up to a balmy 3 or 4 degrees to make sure we can safely get up the road, overnight I don't mind,, -13 was the worst I think we camped in. It would be good to thaw some of the ice also but I'm not moaning, it'll soon be summer!

Friday 17 December 2010

Norton meeting

Up in Perth for the Norton meeting last night, as it happened we had it in Pitcairngreen for a change (apologies if anyone went to the Almondbank Inn instead.) A good night with excessive alcohol consumption, we put the world to rights last night for sure. Slept on my brothers couch and really can't remember the walk (or crawl) home, bad bad bad!
Cold again today, roads covered in ice but at least we escaped more snow....for now. Don't think the bikes will be out this weekend again, the roads are really bad and unpredictable at the moment, roll on the Spring!

Thursday 16 December 2010


Up at Sandy's to torque down the head on his commando again. Running well and ready for next years summer now. Getting cold now, the roads and pavements are like skating rinks. Off for beer with my brother and alex, have to be careful on the way home, oh no.

Wednesday 15 December 2010


So another cold week passes and despite a small reprieve from the snow I've still not been out on the bike. The big problem is the ice on the roads, especially on parts of the road which don't get the sun so I've wimped out basically. The council have had a weeks reprieve from the snow and instead of using it to clear the dangerous build up of snow and ice still effectively narrowing vehicle lanes they seem to be having a rest hoping nature will do their work for them! News just in, it won't! when the temperature drops this week it will only compound a problem that would have been easy to clear. We now have a new transport minister since the former one has resigned and obviously gone back to his moonlighting as a Father Jack lookalike.

The new minister is going to spend tonight in the roads control centre to help coordinate activities, problem is the bad weather isn't due till Thursday - Friday when he'll no doubt be back to doing nothing.

Good news is I got the Mk3 Lemans running today, it actually took me by surprise by coughing into life as I turned it over whilst looking at the points. The points gap was so big it almost needed a foot rule to measure it, anyway reset the gap and got the thing running, nice quiet engine, so just a few more adjustments and checks and its for sale.....honest.....can't keep them all.

Wednesday 8 December 2010

Garage day

Desperation drove me into the garage. Really needed some garage sanity today, -15c in the town last night and not much warmer today but got wrapped up and got some work done. The guzzi is coming along, linked braking system bled today and got some more tidying up done. The rear wheel bearings could do with replacing but i'll leave that to the new owner whoever that is. Actually this is a very clean bike under the dirt if that makes sense. The only real downside is there's some fin damage on the heads which is quite common for guzzi's. It doesn't stop them running nice its just annoying if you know its there. Chaos still on the roads, the minister is making a statement this afternoon in parliment, that'll help i'm sure! The army has been asked to help, its all turning into a farce. Hopefully some respite for a few days soon.

Tuesday 7 December 2010

More weather

Yesterday we had more snow. Complete chaos everywhere, motorways blocked all day and night, airports closed people trapped for 12 hours and no communication. The transport minister apologised and blamed the weather forecast. Not good enough, there should be a coordinated response to emergencies like this. There appears to be no joined up thinking at all and if there is it isn't effective. The police, council and government have to face up to their responsibilities and protect the people and safeguard the economy. We can't have people not being able to get to work just because there's snow on the ground. Anyway just took a photo of my roadster against the snow mound almost masking my neighbours house, hopefully a thaw this weekend and maybe get out on two wheels again for a bit.

Sunday 5 December 2010

Weekend capers

Still cold this weekend but at least the snow has stopped. Traffic running on the roads again but the people are still driving in retardation mode! Yesterday we joined Ian and Ali in the town, all good and Ian managed to blag us into a food and drink festival for free. To start with it was a bit boring until we got upstairs and found the the drink sellers. All seemed keen to offer generous samples to us, of course it would have been rude to refuse so it got a bit messy after that. After a very average italian meal we had a final drink in a very impressive bar. Really nicely done up for the christmas period. Today a walk on the beach for some fresh air, funny to see the beach filled with snow, some students had been in for a swim, crazy! Still no motorcycling yet roll on the thaw.

Wednesday 1 December 2010

Somebody's happy

I was out trying to clear my car from the last 24 hours worth of snow (and failed) when I got a call from Lindsay Barrie, obviously out enjoying himself on his supermoto, no sign of a let up in the weather yet, if this keeps up I'll have to buy a 4x4!!! Thanks for the photo Lindsay!
Maybe a supermoto or trials bike is the answer Kawa? Slowly going mad here!