Tuesday 21 December 2010

Winter Solstice

Today is our winter solstice, the shortest day or the longest night whichever you prefer. This morning it coincided with a Lunar eclipse, strangely I was quite excited about this (probably desperation because of the lack of motorcycle activity) so I was up before 6.30am to watch it, luckily it was a clear morning but just as the eclipse got interesting a cloud started to move in so I missed the effect. I got the two photos above showing the beginning of it anyway.
The bad news is that its been worse than minus ten Centigrade for the last couple of days (actually -13 in the car last night heading to Edinburgh) The good news is to days the shortest day woo hoo, that means that summer is on its way (ok well maybe a long way off but on its way nonetheless)so we can look forward to that all important daylight starting to stretch out, always a turning point for me.
We have a rally in three weeks, all I ask is that the daytime temperatures can get up to a balmy 3 or 4 degrees to make sure we can safely get up the road, overnight I don't mind,, -13 was the worst I think we camped in. It would be good to thaw some of the ice also but I'm not moaning, it'll soon be summer!

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