Wednesday, 15 December 2010


So another cold week passes and despite a small reprieve from the snow I've still not been out on the bike. The big problem is the ice on the roads, especially on parts of the road which don't get the sun so I've wimped out basically. The council have had a weeks reprieve from the snow and instead of using it to clear the dangerous build up of snow and ice still effectively narrowing vehicle lanes they seem to be having a rest hoping nature will do their work for them! News just in, it won't! when the temperature drops this week it will only compound a problem that would have been easy to clear. We now have a new transport minister since the former one has resigned and obviously gone back to his moonlighting as a Father Jack lookalike.

The new minister is going to spend tonight in the roads control centre to help coordinate activities, problem is the bad weather isn't due till Thursday - Friday when he'll no doubt be back to doing nothing.

Good news is I got the Mk3 Lemans running today, it actually took me by surprise by coughing into life as I turned it over whilst looking at the points. The points gap was so big it almost needed a foot rule to measure it, anyway reset the gap and got the thing running, nice quiet engine, so just a few more adjustments and checks and its for sale.....honest.....can't keep them all.

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