Thursday 23 December 2010

Almost Summer

Now we're passed the shortest day it must be nearly summer, right? Well not if I look outside, the road in our street is still full of hard packed snow on an Ice base and there's been no snow for days, The street where my mother stays is the same. It would appear that the councils and road agencies may be running out of salt, not sure why because there isn't much sign of salt on the roads which is why the roads in ths country are still a disgrace. Just about to pick my daughter up from the Airport (she studies in London and is coming home for Christmas) she is leaving from Stanstead, just as well its not Heathrow because it appears Heathrow, the main air hub for the UK and Europe is still suffering because of the weather! They had 3 inches of snow for gods sake! The chief exec of BAA who operate Heathrow has said he won't take his bonus this year, Bonus!!! Bonus!!! I'd sack him never mind no bonus. Funny how the heads of all the companies who at the end of the day are the people in power and who sack workers to boost the "bottom line" are totally immune from being sacked themselves for their short sightedness and ignorance, they also suffer from a major lack of self respect. Vince Cable our government minister who was flirting with some very young journalists is also showing a severe lack of self respect at the moment, clinging onto power despite the fact the Liberals were NOT elected to govern this country.
Also answer me this, why is it a bankrupt country (Spain) controls so many of our major UK companies?, the profits go back to Spain, the job losses and incompetence to run services normally stay in the UK.
Rant over, I feel better now, is Summer here yet?

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