Sunday 26 October 2014

Tullybannocher meeting

So a week before we take off to the sunnier climes of South East Asia we had a Norton meeting at Tullybannocher just outside Comrie and the wind and rain couldn't have been worse, as if to say "enjoy your trip but don't forget you are coming back to crap weather!"
The run up to be honest was enjoyable, just great to be out on the bike despite the weather but hooray for heated grips and jackets, makes it so much more enjoyable, the run home for me wasn't as good but Fiona preferred it to the run up, just goes to show its all in your head. A better than expected turnout despite the weather and when we arrived Sandy & David had beaten us to it, full marks for them being Norton mounted and only just a pass for me for being on the BMW. As always great banter, tea drunk, soup and cakes eaten. Top marks for Tony and his wife for coming down from Aberdeen on their Commander which has the aerodynamic qualities of a barn door and must have been a hand full in the crosswinds, their pal on a Buell also deserves a mention....for bringing a Buell? And good to see Kate making the effort whilst Bob was no doubt only pretending to work so he didn't have to get his Honda wet.
On a serious note, I found out from Sandy Bloy that Sandy Torrance just died, Sandy helped organise the Classic club Scotia challenge which over the years has encouraged people to get out there discovering Scotland on their bikes, a Commercial airline pilot and stunt pilot in his spare time as well as being a very keen motorcyclist he will be sadly missed, he only had 3 weeks from feeling ill to leaving this Earth, after today we are all a day closer to the end that's for sure, how did you use your time today?
Cultybraggan camp, built as a POW camp to house senior Nazi's captured during ww2 then used as a Army camp, the only weekend camp I had in my short career in the Black Watch Army Cadets was here (when I realised I couldn't be a general right away, I left) 

Fi braving the rain & wind

Sandy & David's Nortons

David's diet going to pot, yes he did eat it all!!

Line up outside the cafe before Tony arrived or there would have been 4 Nortons in this picture, My brother John's bike isn't here either as he was late also, bad show...Kates Suzuki taking pride of place, I should have photoshopped it into a Norton

Monday 20 October 2014

Watch this space

So in a couple of weeks we set off on a mini adventure to tour the North of Thailand in South East Asia, this one is only 3 weeks long and we have rented bikes out there. Plenty opportunities to explore and see cool things. We are renting ER6 Kawasaki's just like the bike Fiona loves so much here in the UK. Looking forward to the heat, the wildlife and the scenery. Meanwhile this weekend we have the last Norton get together at Tullybannocher, Comrie from 11am on, come along for a blether and kick some tyres!

Sunday 5 October 2014

Rain, Sun, Frost

Down in Moniaive this weekend for the second time this year, this time for the Tartan Rally. Great run down in between heavy showers, we had wet roads but sunshine which was excellent, no sooner did we get the tent up than the heavens opened, lucky escape. It was quickly over so we made our way to the pub where we met quite a few of our drinking team. An evening of drinking, eating, dancing and talking nonsense, great to catch up with all the team again. The rally was a really friendly affair which was great, the weather seemed to keep the numpties away. When we got back to the tent it was solid with ice even though it didn't feel that cold, once again this morning we managed to escape the heavy showers and got home dry, what a result. Fi won the furthest travelled female with an embarrassing 93 miles which was unexpected, as was my dance with big Norrie, thankfully no camera's around! Another of my lifestyle ideals was re iterated this weekend, "Life's too short for crap whisky" after a couple of large whisky's that should only be used for cleaning out engine parts I managed to find decent stuff thankfully!
Rant time, on the way to and from the Rally we passed some windfarm sites, these things are a blight on our landscape and I'm not totally convinced they are the answer to our energy needs, leaving that aside consider the fact that a very small group of people own all the land in Scotland (mostly through exploitation of the Scottish people centuries ago), they are the ones benefiting from the windfarms on their land, the subsidy for the windfarms is paid by the poorest of our society so we have the situation where the poor are yet again helping the rich get richer. Time for change!

Tea stop at Biggar
Fiona with her trophy
Blight on our landscape
Same here
Alex & Fi stocking up on the sugar for the trip home!