Saturday 17 October 2020

A Scottish Odyssey

 We have been watching the new series of "Long way up" starring two well known "Celebrities" which is about manlove, empathy for the planet, saving the Earth, saving the children and I suspect trying to save a revenue stream for the not so famous one. The two chaps take two Electric Harleys From Ushuaia to California supported only by about 20 people following in two electric pickups, a Mercedes Sprinter with solar panels and a huge truck with a diesel generator just in case there isn't enough power in South America to drive their entourage, as usual the cameraman (well the only bike driving cameraman) gets a raw deal and has to drive a petrol Harley on the same trip.

We decided to take two petrol bikes around Scotland to save the Earth by using up some fossil fuel (the sooner we run out the sooner we will have to go electric) and also to try and save the economy by spending money in local communities to try and help some of the damage done by our overlords to the rural economy with their draconian lockdowns which are or are not supported by much scientific evidence depending on who is on the BBC at any particular time. 

The trip took us through Glencoe, a stop at Kinlochleven where we met up with some like minded friends totally by coincidence, some guy by the name of Eric wearing a mask tried to sell us some smokies, I said I didn't smoke but apparently they are a fishy delicacy from the dark reaches of North East Arbroath... The following day in Fort William we chanced upon David T giving his Ducati a wee run out so had a 2.3 Metre chat then a run along Invergarry to Skye and Dunvegan for a few nights and sunny days exploring the Island. The Island, and Scotland incidentally is now officially having their own separate pandemic running alongside Covid 19, the great big fuck off Motorhome pandemic, it is spreading like wildfire and I predict gridlock in the highlands is not far off happening, all the carparks and laybys are almost full, the bins overflowing with rubbish, the fresh air being spoiled by the lumbering (max speed seems to be 40MPH) diesel behemoths roaming our fair country, maybe time for our overlords to think about Motorhome Lockdown (Good title for a rock band?)

After Skye we travelled to one of my favourite places which although busier than usual was still busy enough, we stayed at the most excellent Sunart Camping which compared to Skye was positively cheap (Thanks Tim & Lynn) Shame the pubs are all but shut because I would have loved to have contributed a bit more to the hospitality industry, nonetheless, the sun did shine and despite the fact we picked up a puncture and had to come home on one bike whilst the Blue bike gets repatriated by our back up team soon. It was a great week, Scotland is great but its busy enough now so save my roads, stay at home please! I know George Martin will read this and be shaking his heid at the fact I went away without the full toolkit and puncture outfit, I know, I know, must try harder.

Pictures tell the story......

At Glencoe for tea and sarnies 

Great view from the outside bar (But cold)

Sunset was excellent

People we dont know

Other people we dont know

Drone time
David T admiring our Triumphs

Dunvegan bay
Big Hills in Skye

Skye hairy caterpillar

Colley and McKenzie looking at the Cullins

The old Bridge

At rest

So nice when the sun is out

Fishing boats being readied for battle

Dramatic Landscape

Waiting for a boat

Back to the mainland

Lunch at Arisaig

So nice

Camp site at Strontian
Master chef

Ferry time

Waiting for the boat