Thursday, 12 November 2015

All roads lead to the Moon Hebrides tour 2015

Finally got around to uploading our July trip to the Hebrides, contains some bad language but not too much, enjoy!

Tuesday, 10 November 2015

Applecross, rain, community hydro, boats and a great time

So last weekend was an Applecross weekend, called a half day Friday and left from work in Glasgow, we took the car though as the weather was not good and didn't fancy the 6am fight with the commuters to Glasgow. Arrived around 5pm after a scenic but wet run (OK in the motor, just notch the heating and wipers up) Met by myne host Judy, Donald , Phil, Ewan and Ali of fame. Joined by more as the night went on, more than copious amounts of alcohol and great food. Major discussion around the Community Hydro Scheme, here is a community trying to sustain and improve life in the Highlands and doing an impressive job, rather than explain it watch the video and get your money out, I have!
A hopeful 4% return on your investment and a 30% tax relief isn't to be sniffed at. One problem is our Government has just got into even more beds with the Chinese and are stopping the tax relief incentive soon but this scheme is already registered so still qualifies. The Tories obviously thinking Nuclear and giving cash to the Chinese is preferable to helping projects like this. A line from a Pink Floyd song just sprang to mind "If it wasn't for the Nips being so good at building ships, the yards would still be open on the Clyde" Maybe food for thought, that line was directed at Thatchers Tory policies also. Thing is The Japanese are good at building stuff, the Chinese aren't so why trust them with any part of our Industry, maybe they just supply the cash, pretty ironic we do business with the worlds largest dictatorship while bombing the shit out of everybody else so they can have "Democracy" The Chinese must be laughing though, getting their own back on their former Drug Dealer, the UK establishment kept the Chinese population out of their heads during the "Opium wars"  so that they could get rich on other peoples misery.
Enough of that nonsense, Saturday was good (not from a health point of view) Ewen has asked us to visit his boatyard to see the new ship his guys were just finishing and to give Fiona some welding lessons. Tony showed us around, Ewen did the welding, a real eye opener and great to see traditional Industry being kept alive here not to mention the good quality jobs being provided. Saturday night turned into a repeat of Friday I'm afraid and as always we met some new friends, fellow motorcyclists and Driving Instructors Dave & Sam. A great weekend despite no bike content, apologies for that, normal service will be resumed soon!


The new boat, almost ready
Tony explains the controls whilst the joiner joins
Captain Tony
Fiona the Welder
Getting instruction from Ewen
I love this scenery
Loch Carron
Another shot of the Bealach
Looking towards Skye, stunning