Tuesday 29 September 2009

That castle again

Wet and Windy

Thats the best description for the weekend! Arrived in Applecross over the Bealach in thick mist and it started raining just after getting the tent up. Still plenty motorhomes and CDB's going around (CDB= Caravan driving bast*rd) making life not so pleasant but certaily not as bad as it was a month ago. There is something theraputic about sitting in a tent listening to the rain and wid battering against the canvas but only if its dry inside which it was so thats good. The pub is a bit quieter now as well which makes it all the more pleasant. Met a load of Classic cars going over the hill in the opposite direction, most were well behaved but as always there's always one, a w*nker in an old golf GTI thought he was a real racer and almost crashed in to me, I was not happy or in control really, not good when there's a serious drop off the side of the road! I stopped a guy 2 cars behind to pass on a message for his aquantance. Apart from that and the strong gusting wind on the way home a perfect weekend.

Saturday 26 September 2009

Eilean donan

Possibly the most photographed castle in scotland . En route to applecross now. Good run up the road today hopefully the weather will hold up.

Monday 21 September 2009

Nottingham NOC weekend

Luckily the flu left me last week so it was down to Nottingham for the Norton Camping weekend on Friday. A run which started cold 12degC but which warmed up nicely the further south we went. It's amazing the difference in temperature a few hundred miles makes. As always a well organised weekend and full marks to the Notts branch for their choice of campsite. The meeting was at the National watersports facility and the sun shone all weekend. We all ajourned to the local pub on the Friday and Saturday, the barmaid was having a 30th birthday party on the Saturday and invited us along, it was an 80's theme night and as an outsider it all seemed bizzare but a good time was had by all. The run home was good, we turned off the A1 and came up the A68 which was good, not a speed camera in sight on the English side of the border but around 20 on the 50 mile run from Jedburgh in the borders to Edinburgh, could the speed camera brigade get a grip, its not smart or clever and I'm sure if anything they contribute to accidents due to idiots braking for them even though they are still 10mph short of the speed limit. A good turn out from our Branch with George, Sandy and Davie travelling together, myself Alex and Fiona left later due to Fi having to work on Friday morning. As we headed up the A68 the temperature started dropping again, welcome home!!

Spotted this in a services on the A1, 990 Rotax motor, not quite sure what the point of it is though!

Saturday nights outfit of choice appeared to be Adam and the Ants!! Bizzare and reminded me just how crap 80's music was!

Thursday 10 September 2009

Flu - Swine or otherwise

I've been feeling poorly since I returned from my last trip, it feels like flu but hopefully its leaving sometime soon. In an attempt to make me feel better I took the Breva out and parked up near the Forth Bridge, one of the worlds engineering icons. I reflected on the meaning of life (but never came up with any answers!) but all the time I felt I wasn't there, in body yes but in mind no, strange the effects a high temperature has on the mind. I took this picture and "cartoon -ised" it to reflect my non in body state of mind. Hopefully normal (saner) service will be resumed soon.

Monday 7 September 2009

Scottish Classic club meeting at St Fillans

Always a great meeting and getting slightly bigger every year, a good turn out yesterday at The Achray House Hotel in St Fillans

My Mk3 Le Mans and & Daves Ducati

Just to prove I'm not racist, a Triumph!!

Another Triumph

George Peddies old Falcone

The famous George Martin's Triumph

My camera batteries ran out quickly so thats all the photos I got, good day out and see you all again next year!

Sunday 6 September 2009

Belgium / Holland Tour update

Another good tour and great to meet up with our extended Norton "family" from Europe, especially good to see Richard on the road to recovery, despite only being let out of hospital for the day I could see him recovering rapidly as the day went on. Thought I'd post some more pictures of the trip and of the Begonia.

Waiting for the ferry at Newcastle, notice some other Norton people on their BMW's , sad!

Miki & Guy on Friday night

A Nice French registered Norton

The halfway stop on Saturdays run out

Alex moving along

The tour leaders!

John trying to do the impossible, clear your nose whilst wearing a helmet

John, Tom & Geert in party mode

Oh dear, please drink responsibly children


The last post being played at the Menin gate

And finally the sad remains of my tent after the storm on Texel island, Lightning. Thunder heavy rain and high winds, always the perfect end to a trip...............

Friday 4 September 2009

Captain Gino

Me taking control as usual. Back in the cafe at the port now . Been a good trip but getting colder now. Back in blighty tomorrow.

Submarine in den helder.

Visiting a submarine before we head back to Ijmuiden.

Wednesday 2 September 2009


Built in 20's and finally opened in 1933 this fantastic bit of engineering which holds back the sea and forms inland a fresh water lake. At 30 km long it is very impressive.

In groningen

Well a very nice night at the house, everyone is preparing for the big party this weekend to celebrate 30 years living in the squat . This is fi trying out nick's harley for size. Maybe not the best for romanian roads.