Sunday, 4 February 2018

Snow, Ice, Sunshine

For a whole host of reasons we couldn't make the Capper Rally this weekend but managed to get out on the wee B emms today to get some motorcycling in. It was sunny but cold and snow on the high ground. We went through the Sma Glen and saw the road closed sign for the Glen Quaich road so though we'd ignore it and see how far we'd get, pretty far was the answer, almost to the top but the snow although not deep had an icy underlay and at one point the tyres stopped gripping and started spinning, there followed the usual slow motion slide backwards with me unable to do anything as I had no grip, the front slid round 90 degrees at which point I gave up all hope and ejected, well almost ejected, my left foot was caught under the bike so that's another bruise to nurture. Fiona ran up the hill to help me get the bike back up, a slightly bent clutch lever being the only damage. On the plus side having the bike upside down dislodged the +ve feed terminal cover I though I'd lost a while back so that was a result.
We continued on the low road to Aberfeldy and that too was exciting with black ice but fortunately apart from a couple of slides there were no more mishaps, a stop in Feldy for a feed and a too short visit to see Geoff and Heather and then a great run home. First time the BM's have seen light of day for a couple of years (apart from the MOT tests this week) and it was great to get out on some of Scotlands most scenic roads which are at the moment nice and quiet, Braw!!.
Heading through the Sma Glen
Glen Quaich road 
From higher up
Local idiot retrieving his bike from the icy bit!
Safe again
Lochan frozen over
Mist over the river Tay
She's behind me!