Monday 14 January 2019

Happy New Year

What an incredible winter it's been so far, motorcycling most weekends with temperatures almost as good as some summers I remember. The roads are quiet at this time of year making motorcycling so much more enjoyable. I keep thinking that the development of heated clothing has made winter my favourite time for riding a motorcycle (unless it's icy or snowing that is).
According to the doom merchants the weather is about to take a turn for the worse but you know even if it snows for a month I think myself lucky to have had such a great winter so far.
Work in the workshop continues apace, good progress being made on the Norton front with all 7 Commando's ready for the Spring (apart from a couple of very minor jobs) and even the Dommi was almost finished last Friday, however a gentle kick revealed no sparks from the Magneto so its now in bits again, I've got the Magneto off which is a right PITA, now I just need to buy a box of sparks and that'll be that.
Some pics from a wonderful Scottish winter.

Drinking tea in the great outdoors
Hair colour now matches my suit
The sma Glen
And again
Tea (again) at Rait
Falls of Dochart
Falls of Dochart 2
Loch Tay, magnificent
Dommi almost finished (Now its not!)
Norton at rest
Ford at Little Glenshee
Sunday Lunch with number 2 son at the Norton Club meeting place