Monday 16 November 2020

And here is the short video

Since the dark nights are here, if you are really bored here is a short video of last Fridays Jaunt

Sunday 15 November 2020

Day tour of Perthshire

 Fiona took a couple of days off last week so we planned a wee trip around the weather, Friday looked best so we set off at the back of 10 complete with sandwiches and flask. We got to between Crieff and Comrie before the real rain started, also from Crieff we were following and empty logging truck which was generating its own rainstorm, problem was the driver was a maniac and there was nowhere safe enough to pass him so we slowed down and just enjoyed a slightly slower ride. We stopped at St Fillans for five minutes to let him get up the road a bit so it didn't spoil our run along the loch and up through Glenogle. We also wanted five minutes to savour the rain and look at the rugged beauty of Loch Earn.

A very wet run up through Glen Ogle but then a planned stop at Killin at the Falls of Dochart which because of the constant rain were very impressive, tea was had sitting on the wall no doubt looking like a couple of drooned spuggies! Off we set just as the heavy rain started again, along Loch Tay in the shadow of Ben Lawers and it got colder as well as wetter, the roads were also treacherous with debris, oh great but of course it beats working. Our planned stop at the head of Loch Tay was abandoned as was our run over Glen Quaich due to the conditions so we headed for our secret Norton meeting place just above Aberfeldy for tea and sandwiches. The run home was wet until Glenalmond when it got drier and warmer which actually was the exact reverse of last week. Both home safe but hands and feet were losing any sensation. Despite this tale of wetness and dreich weather we both enjoyed it immensely.

Don't pack your bike away just yet, the feel good factor of riding your bike and getting out into the fresh (sometimes too fresh) air far outweighs any temporary discomfort. See you on the road somewhere this winter hopefully! 

Reflecting on the weather

generally in Scotland, it is raining, was raining or about to rain

The majesty of Loch Earn without the idiots who make it unbearable in Summer

The falls of Dochart

Fi preparing the tea while I faf about taking pictures

Loch Tay, didn't manage to capture the rain in this

A break in the clouds

A cup of tea, a sandwich and time to savour a Kit Kat 

Monday 9 November 2020

Hope on the horizon

 Well, 2020 has been strange, the bloody virus has affected us all in one way or another but it appears there is hope and a vaccine will soon be getting rolled out which is at least 90% effective (whatever that means). As long as we can get back to normal life which for most people taking the time to read this is riding bikes and meeting friends, having a laugh and sharing a beer or two with like minded people or even a cuppa tea without the fear of the thought Police throwing us in jail for daring to disobey our crazy power mad politicians who now think they have the power of life and death over us . Actually I suppose they do, killing 2000 people by infecting old folks homes is pretty much the power of life and death.

Hopefully in 2021 we can put this nonsense behind us and get back to enjoying ourselves (remember that?)

Photos today picked from the BBA meeting in Belgium organised by my good friends in 2008 which I think pretty much represents what we are all missing.

Enjoy, no commentary as I'm sure you get the idea!


Tuesday 3 November 2020

Dark nights, dark days

 As we possibly head into more madness I thought it would be good to post up some older random pictures of when we had a "normal life" hopefully that life will come back soon and we can get back to fully enjoying ourselves. This time of year is always difficult (well it is for me anyway) just keep looking forward to sunny days and meeting with friends and family...take care out there.

Just outside Istanbul

On the Portugese Spanish border 


One of my favourite pics of MVD

In a campsite

SV at that famous castle

Alex and I in Ypres

ER6 at that bridge as dusk falls

Gas station food in France

My V11 at that castle

Partying somewhere

Mk3 Le Mans posing

Campsite in France

Fiona struggling to contain her amusement after me finding out I'd just had a crab sandwich when I thought it was Coleslaw

Pyrenees in May

Vezio British bike rally after a horrific 600 miles in the rain

en route to Applecross

Fording at Little Glenshee
Our good friend Hessel from Holland visiting before we went to the Manx together