Sunday, 24 November 2019

Sanity restored

Like many others I get a bit fed up at this time of year, the constant cold and darkness grinds the soul. Last weekend I tried to get out on the bike but our street (and therefore most small roads) was sheet ice, not fancying any further injuries or repair bills I abandoned the thought. Today though although bleak was frost free so an excellent chance to bimble along the small roads in Perthshire, the roads were mucky and slippy, rain came and went but so what I was out on the bike, wind in my face and definite sanity restored :-)
In other news, Fiona's BMW is almost completed after its extensive refurbish in preparation for our upcoming Scotland to Siberia tour, once I finish hers mines will be next on the operating table!

At rest
Winter gear on!

Monday, 11 November 2019


The decision eventually was to travel to Applecross this weekend by four wheeled transport, the forecast showed snow on the Saturday and having come over the pass before in icy and snowy conditions I have no inclination to repeat it. We did see some bikes on the road and some with luggage including some Europeans, I take my hat off to you all but only for a second as my ears will get cold. I did wish I was on the bike about 90% of the time but as we went over the Bealach in the fading light and with ice in all the puddles and lochans I was glad we made the call. What can I say, stunning scenery and the light was fantastic, 2 hours to get the 17 miles from Perth to Ballinluig was a bit of a pain but that's what happens when you live in a country that's run by idiots, how businesses can work and make a profit around the chaos of our rapidly worsening road network is beyond me.
Great weekend in good company, nice to catch up with the locals who have become good friends over the years, the 46% whisky Judith had us drinking on Friday wasn't so good for my hangover! We ended up with two fellow motorcyclists on the Satuday, Robert from Braemar and Keith who was on an extended stay from the North West of England, we met as strangers and departed as friends, a common trait in the Highlands. Slainte!
Clouds remained as clouds thankfully
Lochaber with a dusting of snow as people in an aluminium tube fly by
The Commando memorial
Fitting on remembrance weekend
The light is impressive this time of year
Loch Carron
Moon rising
The Bealach in the evening
I bet the heating bills are high but what scenery to wake up to
Going back to nature
Trawler heading home across the sound
Herron and his pals looking for their dinner
Heiland coos enjoying the last of the sun
Keith Triumph, not a huge fan of the Scrambler but I was really taken with this one...Hmmm 
And heading home, you can never get enough photos of the Bealach