Monday, 21 September 2009

Nottingham NOC weekend

Luckily the flu left me last week so it was down to Nottingham for the Norton Camping weekend on Friday. A run which started cold 12degC but which warmed up nicely the further south we went. It's amazing the difference in temperature a few hundred miles makes. As always a well organised weekend and full marks to the Notts branch for their choice of campsite. The meeting was at the National watersports facility and the sun shone all weekend. We all ajourned to the local pub on the Friday and Saturday, the barmaid was having a 30th birthday party on the Saturday and invited us along, it was an 80's theme night and as an outsider it all seemed bizzare but a good time was had by all. The run home was good, we turned off the A1 and came up the A68 which was good, not a speed camera in sight on the English side of the border but around 20 on the 50 mile run from Jedburgh in the borders to Edinburgh, could the speed camera brigade get a grip, its not smart or clever and I'm sure if anything they contribute to accidents due to idiots braking for them even though they are still 10mph short of the speed limit. A good turn out from our Branch with George, Sandy and Davie travelling together, myself Alex and Fiona left later due to Fi having to work on Friday morning. As we headed up the A68 the temperature started dropping again, welcome home!!

Spotted this in a services on the A1, 990 Rotax motor, not quite sure what the point of it is though!

Saturday nights outfit of choice appeared to be Adam and the Ants!! Bizzare and reminded me just how crap 80's music was!

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