Friday, 9 November 2012

Packing finished

Right thats it, finished, panniers packed, tankbags fitted, mirrors removed, sheep fitted (seat cover!!)  so all ready for the trip to the warehouse Monday. Stupid story of the day is that for some reason I tried to fix the handle on my travel mug, with superglue, ended up that I now have two fingers with a thick coating of superglue like a second skin (not pleasant) The cup is now in the bucket and I managed to re claim an old one. Anything to save a pound eh!
I'll be glad to get these out of the livingroom soon!! Meanwhile we've parties all weekend, oh no, I cannae dae it any mair!!


  1. Mr. Gino, well I must say I'm green with envy... or is it mildew?
    I can't imagine the fun you two will have. Have a great, safe trip.. and keep posting! Cheers, Don

  2. Thanks Don, shame its not on a Commando but the stress would be too much for me maybe!!

  3. Looks like you've got it down. I think I've packed more than that for a weekend backpacking trip! Looking forward to your blog posts. Just saw a review of a book on adventure bike touring of Alaska, over at the 'Sideburn' blog. Might come in handy for you, later in the journey. Bon Voyage!

  4. Thanks Larry had a look, interesting stuff but I think i'll go full of ignorance, makes it a funnier story!!