Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Buenos Aires

Another Sunny warm day and into town to get a "green card" to extend our insurance coverage to the neighbouring countries (Chile & Peru being the relevant ones) a walk to the train station and 4 Argentinian pesos to get the train into town (around 50p for both of us) Job creation seems to be the order of the day which is good. There have been a few accidents recently on the train network and after travelling on it I can see why casualties are high, they are very busy and the rolling stock is old but they provide cheap transport so who can say which system is right?
Train arriving
Into the town and through the nice park just outside the station and quite quickly found our Insurance company office, I have to say despite my poor or non existent Spanish (and even poorer English) we had no problems and walked out with the documents in under 10 minutes, a great result.
 We then had to find Sim cards for our mobiles, after the first shop (Telefonica) where the staff basically took the piss we left and found another where despite the guys not understanding a word we said managed to suss out the phones we brought didn't work in Argentina so he sold us basic Nokias and Sim cards at a good price. The system here is that the vendor doesn't do credit for the phone so we now have phones that work and no credit!! Thanks to Sandra (again) for getting the sims activated, we would never have managed, the system here seems complicated. A nice baguette at a cafe and some coffee refreshed our tired feet. A picture below of a obviously failed Harrods store.
Also an interesting "theme pub"

 After buying tickets for the wrong train home we finally got the right ones and got the right train which was a bonus. Just taken the empties back to the supermarket  (chinese owned) which saves you a few pence on the beer, just like a few years ago in the UK.  The boss guy is now saying hello and knows we are from Scotland so it is quite funny, I guess tomorrow he'll try another English word with us.  
And finally we saw loads of these tickets all over town, not sure if its for a back massage or a place to park your bike, interesting!!

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