Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Life for two for a year in four panniers!

Almost finished packing the gear, its amazing how you can pack for a year in 4 not very large aluminium boxes. As I've said before the bulk of space is taken up with bike stuff, electronics and cooking stuff. Of course seperately there's a bag with the sleeping stuff and of course the tent. If I'm being honest there's less stuff than we took to the Ukraine recently and that was just a two and a bit week trip.
Of course its South America we start in and to be fair the whole trip will be going through populated countries where there will be shops (and hopefully cheaper than here) I've left room for food as we will be passing through large deserted areas also and will need to keep stocked up for these days when wild camping is the only option, can't wait now, the packing is quite frankly boring me now, just want to get on my bike and go!!
Test load tomorrow with the bikes and gear in Alex's van ahead of taking them down to the warehouse in Manchester on Monday where they'll be crated up and start their journey. I'm sure those of you dipping in will also be looking forward to tales from the road rather than tales from my livingroom!!!

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