Friday, 30 November 2012

Happy St Andrews Day

Yesterday was another hot day, another day in Buenos Aires or Bs As as we like to say (ha ha) , a look around a different part of town, very modern very new but with the same issues as any big town, amongst the corporate face of the city people still sleeping in cardboard boxes on the streets, no worse than Edinburgh I don’t suppose and a lot warmer but it still annoys to see that people have to live like that. Funny of the day was at the Theatre Colon  , the show is Wagners opera Rng, so Wagners ring at the Colon, very apt!! Funnily enough the woman next to us on the flight is married to one of the opera  singers appearing in Wagners Ring at the Colon, British toilet humour, I’m sorry!

Spent the evening listening to and watching Billy Connoly & the proclaimers on You Tube, its great to be Scottish, nobody seems to understand  word of my English never mind my very limited shit Spanish!!
I hope you all have a great St Andrews day, I'll be celebrating with a wee dram later but nae haggis I'm afraid.


Man on a horse

Doubles as somebody's bedroom

At least its a warmer place to be a dosser

The Colon theatre, impressive

Colon Ring, well I thought it was funny

Big pole, was too busy trying to avoid being run down to find out what it was!


  1. Morning minus 3 here bet your jealous you can hardly drive a car here never mind a motorbike were you surprised to hear from me big bro ime like what t rex sang about apart from being the 21 century , 21 century boy with a 21 century toy cheers craig dawn sean

    1. Aye always thought you looked like Marc Bolan ha ha, good to hear from you mate, just in a cafe hiding from the sun ha ha!

  2. So jealous, its freezing here! x

  3. Well get a bike licence and join us! x